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5+ Project List Templates

Any business project requires proper planning for its successful execution. You may have to break the assignment into smaller parts whereby it would be easier for you to monitor the same. You may require assigning these smaller projects to other sub-contractors. You may require the details for contacting them at any point of time to ascertain the status of the job.

You would require these project templates to help you achieve this objective. This is an invaluable tool for the small businesses as well as the private firms. Here are some of the common business project list templates.

Project Punch List Template

project punch list template
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This punch list template would be useful for construction contractors to keep track of the construction work. This punch list aids in streamlining the entire project by listing out the individual items of work. You would get the information about the jobs completed and pending status at a glance.

Project Task List Template

project task list template
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This is a simple task list for any kind of an assignment. The task list would enable one to determine the status, the number of volunteers you require, the time required for completion, as well as the order of priority.

Project To Do List Template

project to do list template
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This list would help the contractor to streamline the assignment. They would be able to break up the assignment into smaller parts to enable easier accomplishment. You would be able to keep track of each aspect by updating the status as when you accomplish the task.

Project Contact List Template

project contact list template
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Any contractor would be able to maintain the information and contact list using this template. This would enable the contractor to obtain the names if the representatives of the company who would process the payments as well.

Buildings Fund Project Priority List Application Template

buildings fund project priority list application template
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  • PDF

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This template is useful for applying for energy efficiency as well as renewable energy projects. You get a complete checklist based on which you have to submit the documents for the project. The template contains all the details of your project that could prove useful to the principal for awarding the project to the right candidate.

> Who would Benefit from Using these Templates?

Business contractors, minor businesspersons etc can benefit from using these templates. They would have a clear road-map in front of them. They would be able to plan their schedules accordingly. These templates are useful in assigning work to the volunteers as well as subcontractors. You would be able to monitor the same easily. You can also see Project Estimate Templates.

When you are able to monitor a job correctly, you take care of the efficiency factor as well. These templates would also allow you to obtain the names of the representatives of the companies responsible for making the payments. This would be of great help to track your payments on a regular basis.

The Target Audience:

Breaking up an assignment into smaller parts is the easiest way to achieve the objective. You can keep track of your accomplishments. This project templates allows you this luxury. The target audience is the small businessperson as well as the construction contractors. The construction contractors usually pass on the job to their subcontractors.

This template would enable them to keep track of the same. They can do the planning, preparation as well as the follow up using a single template. This would allow them to complete the work in stages. They can assign these tasks on a priority basis to different workers and keep track of the same as well.

The Usage:

The best part of these templates is that anyone with a basic knowledge of the computers and their functioning would be able to maintain this list. You can customize the template to suit your requirements. You would require this template to prepare and plan your activities perfectly.

Breaking up a task into smaller doable ones is the best way to approach a big project. Naturally, you would be having a team to take care of the entire Project Tracking Templates. The team leader can monitor the activities of the other members of the team using this template. This would increase the efficiency of the functioning of the company.

Breaking up any assignment into smaller parts would enable the contractor to accomplish the same easily. This warrants the formulation of a ‘to do list’ whereby he would be able to check up on every aspect of the assignment. This list would enable him to include every part without any omission. Proper planning is essential.

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