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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Project Portfolio Template
  2. 2. Project Management Portfolio Template
  3. 5 Steps To Make a Project Portfolio
  4. 3. Project Portfolio Template
  5. 4. Project Portfolio Brochure Template
  6. 5. Design of Project Portfolio
  7. 6. Modern Project Portfolio Template
  8. 7. Photography Project Portfolio Template
  9. 8. Simple Project Portfolio Template
  10. 9. Web Project Portfolio Catalog Template
  11. 10. Project Portfolio Brochure in PSD

9+ Project Portfolio Templates

Project portfolio refers to an organization’s group of projects and activities and the process in which they are selected and managed. The project portfolio is wisely chosen to advance the corporation’s organizational motives. Project Portfolio management helps in wide planning and resource allocation. Portfolios are also designed at individual levels. One needs to have a portfolio, that has all his/ her achievements and recognitions. It is the portfolio that speaks for the person. Now you need not go to design your portfolio on your own. We have templates, with the best features that will help you customize your portfolios. These are printable and editable too.

1. Project Portfolio Template

project portfolio
File Format
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4

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2. Project Management Portfolio Template

project management portfolio
File Format
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4

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5 Steps To Make a Project Portfolio

Step 1: Know Your Achievements

Before making a portfolio, whether it’s for your personal or your organization’s purpose you need to identify the recognitions and achievements that you have acquired. Those need to be included in the portfolio. Therefore, before you sit to make the portfolio you need to ask yourself, about the achievements.

Step 2: What To Include

You cant include everything and anything in the portfolio. You need to be clear what you would want to in the portfolio. It should talk about you and your works. Make sure you add every important piece of work that you had done and excluded the less important ones.

Step3: The Purpose

Every Portfolio has its requirements. If it’s for an organization, it will be different from a student or a candidate’s portfolio. Therefore you need to be clear what purpose you are making it for. Depending on the purpose you would be required to add information, details, etc.

Step4: Design Of the Template

You need to finally decide the design of the portfolio. Though portfolios are attractive, some might still like it to be simple. while some of you might want it to be colorful and creative. Depending on that, you need to decide and design your portfolio. Since the portfolio speaks for you, it needs to be the way you want. So make sure you choose the design wisely.

Step 5: Download the Template

After all the choices, and decisions regarding the design and type of the portfolio made, you now know the kind of template that you require. Isn’t it? After that, all you need to do is, download the template from the website according to the requirement and finally design the portfolio.

3. Project Portfolio Template

project portfolio template

Project portfolios are designed in a very attractive manner. These are usually designed in the InDesign software. But we have it already designed for you. This template will help you in making it. It has a layered document with auto page numbers that lets you write in paragraph style. Easily editable and change the color this portfolio design isn’t difficult to make with this template.

4. Project Portfolio Brochure Template

project portfolio brochure template

To create an appealing project portfolio brochure, you can use this editable template. It has inbuilt 28 pages and is designed in InDesign which is easily editable and printable. This template lets you design such brochures in the least time. With the feature of free font and color edits, you can design your portfolio totally on your own.

5. Design of Project Portfolio

sample project portfolio template

If you need to design a portfolio website, you can download this template and make one. It is editable and printable and has all the features that one requires to make a portfolio. The free font and editable feature help you to customize it according to your requirements.

6. Modern Project Portfolio Template

modern project portfolio template

You need to design a modern project portfolio, and you are running out of time! Don’t worry here is the template that would make you do your job in minutes. Easily printable and editable, with 34 pages and free font size. Hurry up and select your portfolio website theme.

7. Photography Project Portfolio Template

photography project portfolio template

For making an extremely attractive photography portfolio, all you need to do is get your hands on this template, customize and make your style of the portfolio in minutes. This has 28 pages in total and is editable and printable easily. This makes the job of making a portfolio catalog easy.

8. Simple Project Portfolio Template

simple project portfolio template

If you need to design a simple project portfolio, you can use this template. It’s easy to edit, auto numbering is present and looks very professional. To customize your student portfolio you can use this template.

9. Web Project Portfolio Catalog Template

web project portfolio catalog template

For designing your web portfolio brochure, this template will be the best one to use. The most interesting feature of this template is you can add your logo in it. This also lets you add pictures and edit the text according to your requirements.

10. Project Portfolio Brochure in PSD

project portfolio brochure in psd

For keeping a record of your works you might want to design brochures. It will record your works, recognitions, and success stories. Such kind of portfolios can be made using this template. It lets you change colors that have 20 unique pages and gives you the choice of including 3 covers in the portfolio.

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