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Using a proposal template has been used for recommending plans or project to other people or superiors for their approval. It must include the full details of the project and the planner of it. Many of these proposals are formal and legitimate, so it must be done with correctness and convincing.

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> Business Proposal Template

Business proposal templates are for transactions of any kind in which there will be an agreement between two people regarding a suggested trade which is the seller and buyer. It includes the offer of a product or service of the seller to the buyer, encouraging them to utilize it by describing the product or service that seems useful to them. [15+ Business Proposal Templates]

> Research Proposal Template

Research proposal templates are used mainly for having a application for conducting a significant research of the desired subject. Mainly for scientific and technologic purpose, it defines the said research, it acts as proposal for financing the research, asking permission in conducting a research and a prerequisite for an academic degree.[11+ Research Proposal Templates]

>Grant Proposal Template

Grant proposal template is used by any agency or organization describing their planned projects or activity for asking monetary or any kinds of assistance that the agency needs. It includes the outline of the project or abstract, its objective, plan and partition of expenses; it should be appealing to the eyes of the donor so the grant can be easily approved for its assistance.[11+ Grant Proposal Templates]

>Funding Proposal Template

Funding proposal template is used to present in a professional way and concise manner of the details for requesting funds from known individuals and large group of companies. Since it is a funding and talking about money involvement, the objectives and purposes for funding must be stated in the proposal to clearly understand why it is needed to ask for financial support.

A funding proposal is in connection with bidding matter and this must be prepared by the concerned company with the intention of funding their certain project or work in order to be implemented.[11 Funding Proposal Templates]

>Consulting Proposal Template

A consulting proposal is prepared and reviewed by the consultant before presenting it to the potential buyer or consumer. The proposal has something to do with the description of projects or services offered by the consultant firms.

This is similar with a business proposal wherein it provides basic details of the business activities and programs they have to offer to the mass of people as well as how to benefit from accepting it. A well bodied and organized proposal for consulting using a consulting proposal template will surely catch the attention of the people[10+ Consulting Proposal Template]

>Investment Proposal Template


An investment proposal is made and prepared by the companies and organizations for the purpose of explaining the purposes, expected outcomes, benefits and brief introduction of the proposed project requiring an investment transaction.

An investment proposal template is a financial proposal to ask for a financial support or sources of funds from other group of companies or potential investors.[9+ Investment Proposal Templates]

>Sales Proposal Template

A sales proposal is a proposal made by the sales companies or individuals engaged into sales industry. The purpose of conducting a sales proposal is to outline the details about the services, items, goods or products offered by the sales companies to attract the attention of the people who can be their future clients or customers.

Before engaging into a business transaction, there must be a well prepared sales proposal and very beneficial to have a template for this.[12+ Sales Proposal Templates]

>Bid Proposal Template

A bid proposal template is the list of documents related to financial and business details of a certain company or organization. This proposal is needed by the companies or organizations to present the transactions and financial made from the concerned parties.

This proposal is used to provide details of the products or services with the estimation of cost attached. A bid proposal is considered as a business document and therefore must be prepared in a formal proper format.[12+ Bid Proposal Templates]

>Sponsorship Proposal Template

A sponsorship proposal template just like any other financial proposals is intended to request for a support from a group of potential companies or individuals. This proposal will clearly explain the purpose for conducting an activity or project that needs financial support to pursue the proposed plan, objectives and benefits from helping to sponsor the company.[11+ Sponsorship Proposal Templates]

>Event proposal Template

An event proposal template is used to outline the information of event planned.  The template will describe the details of the event including the location, time and theme in order for the target participants to be guided and well informed. Utilizing an event proposal template for personal or business purposes is very helpful. This will sum up the activities that will be expected to have in the proposed event.[12+ Event Proposal Templates]

>Construction Proposal Template

Construction proposal template is made between the construction company and the potential consumer. In the proposal template, it describes the information about the goods or services they are offering to attract more clients.

Using this template proposal for construction can help the constructor to have a clear vision of what their client wishes to have and the materials needed for constructing a certain project or work.[10+ Construction Proposal Templates]

>Marketing Proposal Template

A marketing proposal template is a type of business relation transaction primarily needed by most companies and institutions. The proposal tackles the information regarding the products and services which the company can offer to the mass of people. This template is useful for the management or owner of the business in order to come up with effective and concise marketing strategic plans required to sustain the business.[14+ Marketing Proposal Templates]

>Work Proposal Template

A work proposal template is used by an individual who wants to apply for a certain work where his or her application will suit for the position required and needed by the company. A person who desires to earn money through any kind of work that the company offers, must have to prepare a well written and professional look of a work proposal. This proposal is considered to be a vital tool for impressing the company before contract and promotions will be made. [11+ Work Proposal Templates]

>Dissertation Proposal Template

A dissertation proposal template is used and very much needed by the students who are about to graduate in their chosen courses as required to be submitted to their educational institution. This is the compiled documents of their chosen subject matter that will be presented if already approved and checked by the professor.

Dissertations proposals are also known as thesis proposals that serve as an initial step before conducting a thesis and decide what who will be the target participants of the study.[13+ Design Proposal Templates]

>Book Proposal Template

A book proposal is a requirement needed to prepare before assuring that the book made will be published. This is a proposal presented by the author or the writer of the book to the publisher for the purpose of persuading to publish the  book and make it known to the public.

A book proposal template will outline the important details about the book written by an individual that must impress the publishing company to help introduce the book to the mass of people.[11+ Book Proposal Templates]

>Technical Proposal Template

A technical proposal template is used to be presented to the potential users and companies. This is a kind of proposal that will explain the reason for technicalities, benefits and issues that may arise as well as expectations after the proposed  technical has been approved.

A technical proposal is required to be submitted to provide enough details about technical matters on a certain project or service that the company offers to the potential clients and to other business companies before transaction for technical service takes place.[13+ Technical Proposal Templates]

>Design Proposal Template

A design proposal is a kind of proposal prepared by an individual whether a designer or artist or even the business companies engaged into the world of art and decorations. This is a proposal for designing a certain product or service based on the request and required design needed by the client or another commercial companies.

When talking for designing services, an effective and impressive design proposal template will make you get the attention of the clients and other group of companies.[13+ Design Proposal Templates]

>Training Proposal Template

Every step we take into our life, we are about to learn new things and refresh the things we have learn from the past. Ideally trainings and seminars offered by the training institutes will add to what we have know and improve our skills and abilities.

Training proposals are prepared with the aid of templates readily made to be used by the training organizations or institutions for the purpose of presenting in details the training courses they have including the duration and amount requires to pay before you can be a member.[11+ Training Proposal Templates]

>Writing Proposal Template

A writing proposal is an essential tool needed to be prepare either for personal or business used. This will highlightened the details about the work, project, research or any similar matter where writing proposal is a pre requisite. A writing proposal template will explain and give the readers a background of  details regarding the subject matter chosen.[12+ Writing Proposal Templates]

>Cost Proposal Template

A cost proposal template is a document prepared by the companies and organizations to give details of the cost needed to allocate for a specific project or work to be done. In this proposal, the management of the company or organization will have the background of where the fund comes and how to properly budget the money for profit gains. It will provide a detailed explanation by presenting it into breakdown parts for coming up into the totality of costs.[8+ Cost Proposal Templates]

>Budget Proposal Template

Making use of a budget proposal found in financial proposal template either for personal or business purpose. The proposal for budget includes the financial breakdown of all expenses of the project from all the items and equipments that will be utilized.

The sum amount must be shown also to the proposal to make it final for approval of the board. In order to have a well written and concise detailed of the budget proposal, utilization of template is very helpful.[6+ Budget Proposal Templates]

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