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100+ Sample Calendar Templates

Calendar templates are a necessity for those who have hectic schedules and want to keep their daily activities and chores noted down in an organized and well-planned manner. To make it easy for you, we have a wide range of creatively made calendar templates.

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These templates are easily editable, can be downloaded and linked with leading software programs like PowerPoint and can be accessed from a plethora of operating systems. Here’s the available list of calendar templates that we have to offer:

Sample Calendar Template

The calendar template sample is an easy to edit and download file. This template has an individual box for each day of the month wherein you can fill in your tasks and chores and even birthdays of loved ones. The sample calendar template is printer friendly and can also be emailed.

> Calendar Agenda Template

The calendar agenda templates are available in both weekly as well as monthly formats. These templates are ideal for secretaries and assistants who are required to keep a detailed summary of their bosses’ agendas. This template is easily editable and is also printer and email friendly. The templates can be accessed on tablets, laptops and smartphones. (8+ Calendar Agenda Templates)

> Calendar Timeline Template

The calendar timeline template is ideal for those individuals or organizations that are working on a long-term project. One can easily use these templates for keeping track of monthly or weekly product or other releases. This template is printer-friendly and can also be emailed. The user can add details of the project to this template without any hassles. (8+ Calendar Timeline Templates)

> Marketing Calendar Template

The marketing section of every organization or company needs to keep handy a proper and well-planned marketing calendar. These marketing calendar templates are available in monthly, weekly and yearly formats. They can be easily edited, are printer friendly and can also be emailed to customers and clients. The templates are compatible with a variety of operating systems. (9+ Marketing Calendar Template)

What is a Calendar Template?

Calendar templates are available blank and printable templates. These templates are available in monthly, weekly and yearly formats. Professionals and individuals can use the calendar templates to keep proper track of their schedules, appointments and chores. Business executives, marketing executives, working mothers and all other types of professionals and individuals, use the calendar templates.

These templates can be used for a plethora of reasons ranging from planning weekly and monthly agendas, handling digital marketing on social media, creating a weekly or monthly menu for your home or restaurant, planning your workout routine and so on.

The hectic and fast paced world we live in often creates situations where we end up either double booking ourselves or end up forgetting very important tasks. To prevent such mishaps, it is highly recommended that you use calendar templates. With the help of these calendar templates you will be able to organize your schedule in an organized and well-planned manner.

Each day of each week has its own separate box wherein you can fill in your tasks to complete, chores to do and agenda of the day. Further, people obsessed with their workout routines can also create their weekly workout agenda on these calendar templates.

Thus, calendar templates are documents that have proven to be a real boon to people from all walks of life. They help the user keep their schedules on track without forgetting vital and important tasks. These templates can be printed out and pinned onto pin boards, emailed by secretaries to their bosses, kept handy by mothers who have to keep track of their children’s schedules and so on.

So if you’re one of those individuals who tend to be forgetful and have an extremely hectic and fast paced lifestyle, the calendar templates are just what you need to keep things in order.

> Menu Calendar Template

The menu calendar template is ideal for restaurants as well as for working moms who have fixed and hectic schedule. The weekly or monthly menu can be jotted down into these templates making it quicker and easier for the user. These templates are easily editable, can be emailed, are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and can also be printed out. (10+ Menu Calendar Templates)

DIY Calendar Templates

For all those people out there who indulge in creativity and decoration, do it yourself calendar templates are highly recommended. There are numerous online portals that allow users to create calendar templates that are DIY. DIY calendar templates allow you to add pictures, text, photos and decorative borders and designs on the calendar. People who are creative often prefer to have colorful and creative calendars that will keep them motivated and push them to complete their tasks and jobs. For instance, a writer may prefer to have a photo of a place that inspires him on his calendar.

Now in order to make a DIY calendar template, you need to keep certain things in mind. If you’re creating a monthly calendar, you need to add the name of each month to the calendar. For instance, if you’re creating a January or a February template, add the name of the month to the top of the template. Each day of the month should have its very own box for you to fill in your tasks and chores. You can probably make your weekend boxes smaller if you tend to have lesser tasks and projects to complete over the weekend.

You can also create a weekly calendar template. The weekly calendar template need not be a fancy one and can probably be created in Word format. The template should be easily editable on Word so that if you’re schedule keeps changing you can quickly and swiftly edit the tasks you have noted on your weekly calendar template. Besides the technical aspects of creating a calendar template, you may want to add photos of your pets, children, or even cities that you love onto your DIY calendar templates. You can probably also color the boxes each day of the week in unique shades.

> PowerPoint Calendar Template


As the name suggests, the PowerPoint calendar template is compatible with the PowerPoint software. PowerPoint users will find this calendar template extremely handy and useful. It can be edited, is printer friendly, can be accessed on all operating systems that support the PowerPoint software and can be emailed. This template is ideal to keep track of both personal as well as professional appointments and chores. (8+ PowerPoint Calendar Template)

> School Calendar Template

Every school has to provide a calendar template to its students, faculty members and parents to keep them updated on the upcoming school events and programs. This calendar template is ideal for such purposes. Both schools as well as colleges can use it. It is printer friendly and can be emailed and is also accessible from most leading operating systems. (10+ Sample School Calendar Templates)

> Workout Calendar Template

For all those individuals who are absolute and utter gym and workout junkies, the workout calendar templates will be a real boon for you. With the help of these weekly or monthly workout calendar templates you will be able to jot down your workout routine in an organized or planned manner. (5+ Workout Calendar Templates)

> Social Media Calendar template

The social media calendar template is every marketing executives necessity. The marketing person can easily and in an organized manner plan out a strategy of marketing products and services on specific social media websites with the help of this calendar. This template can be easily uploaded on various social media web pages, it can also be emailed and is printer friendly too. (7+ Social Media Calendar Templates)

How To Create A Calendar Template?

Creating a calendar template is a very simple and easy task. Pretty much anyone can create a calendar template. You need not worry about whether or not you’re tech savvy. If you know the basics of using a computer and the Internet, that’s all you need. The first step to creating a calendar template is selecting a template of your choice.

Depending on how hectic your schedule is, you may want to select a template accordingly. For those individuals who have a super hectic lifestyle they may want to create a calendar template that is a weekly one. For people who have lesser hectic lives, monthly calendar templates are most suitable.

In order to create a calendar template, you need to select the template that best fits your requirement, click on the given link and download it. Once it is downloaded, you can open up the document on software like PowerPoint and other such programs. Once opened, you can start editing the template as per your requirements.

You can add text in the boxes of each individual day or week. Your schedule, agenda, chores, tasks and meetings can be added to the daily boxes. Once you have edited the template, you can print it out and keep it handy or pin it up to your pin board at home or office.

Besides using the ready to use templates, you can also create your own calendar templates from scratch. This can be done directly on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or various other online portals. There are wide ranges of online portals that allow you to create your very own calendar templates from scratch.

The benefit of creating your own calendar template from scratch is that you can tweak the template to suit your requirements and schedule. Thus, creating calendar templates is a very simple and easy process and plays a major role in keeping your schedule organized.

> Printable Weekly Calendar Template

The printable weekly calendar is ideal for those who need to keep a track of their weekly schedule. This template can be filled in with chores and tasks and appointments of the week, printed out and then pinned onto a pin board in your home or office space. This template can be easily edited. (18+ Printable Calendar Templates)

> Marketing Calendar Template

As a marketing executive you probably have a marketing schedule that you need to follow. This schedule can be a weekly or monthly one. To make it easy for you to keep track of your marketing schedule, we have these ready to use marketing calendar templates. They are easily editable, can be printed out and can also be emailed. (9+ Marketing Calendar Template)

> Content Calendar Template

The content calendar template is available in a variety of editable and easy to use formats. These templates are printer and email friendly. They can be used to keep track of social media content. Digital marketing teams of organizations will find these templates extremely useful and handy. The content calendar templates are accessible from laptops, tablets and smartphones. (8+ Content Calendar Templates)

How To Prepare Training Calendar Sample?

Preparing a training calendar can be a tricky process. There are certain steps that one needs to follow when preparing a training calendar template. First and foremost, you need to set your goals straight before you begin preparing your training calendar template. You need to figure out what it is that you wish to accomplish, in how much time you intend on reaching that accomplishment and how you plan on spreading out the hard work over the next few days, weeks or months.

Once you have your goals in order, you need to set up a proper and scheduled framework. This is the point where you use your calendar template to jot down the various tasks that you need to complete. Each day or week should have a target of completing a certain number of tasks and so on.

To make it easy for you to accomplish your goals in a proper fashion, you need to allot specific days or weeks for specific tasks and chores. You need to ensure that you complete those chores and tasks within the assigned timeframe. This way you will be able to complete your project or accomplish your goals on time. As the weeks or days pass, you need to keep adding additional tasks or upgrading your training calendar.

The training calendar is best suited for athletes or hard-core gym enthusiasts who wish to achieve a certain target weight or physique within a certain period of time. So, once you have your goals in order, all you need to do is download a calendar template that best suits your needs or requirements. Beginners can use the monthly calendar while amateurs or experienced trainers can use the weekly calendars. Add you to do tasks to the calendar and you’re good to go. Print out the calendar once you have filled it in and pin it up to your pin board.

So keep track of your chores and tasks in a simple and practical way with the help of these brilliantly created and extremely handy ready to use calendar templates. Select one that best fits your requirements, download it, edit it and print it out. These calendar templates can be used for both personal as well as professional schedules.

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