Photography Timeline [10+ Templates To Download]


Having a photo shoot at any occasion/event can be hectic and confusing owing to lots of things going around. To avoid this, pre-decided photography timelines are extremely useful. They also tell you the exact location where you need to be at that particular time. Photography simple timeline templates also help in promoting yourself and your works.

5 Steps to Write a Photography Timeline

Step 1: Design Should Suit the Event

Photography timeline designs should always suit the event. Formal business parties and product launches should have a classy, sophisticated and more formal approach in designing than informal events like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Minimalist design language can suit formal events while artistic and graceful designs would adorn weddings and fun events.

Step 2: Use Clearly Readable Fonts

Clearly visible, readable yet attractive fonts should be used. Giving out information is the primary aim in the timelines and a readable font, which will not cause confusion, is the basic need. Font color contrasting the background color would highlight the given text, emphasizing the information’s importance. Fancier fonts sometimes consume too much space which leads to include less information than needed. Choose font wisely.

Step 3: Try to Include All the Information Needed

Do not compromise on essential information like locations, addresses, contact person’s details, timings including a.m. and p.m. notations, etc. People look towards photography timelines as a guide to the entire event. It helps people gather at pre-decided locations at the appointed time without the need to call out for each and every person. They greatly reduce the chances of miscommunication.

Step 4: Include Time Limits

Photography timelines must give a clear picture of all the events you will cover. Also, the time needed for each event must be provided. You should cover all the important things within time. Enough time must be given for moving from one location/event to another. Exigencies, emergencies and dynamic situations should be accorded for while setting time limits.

Step 5: Your Name is a Must

Promote yourself in the timelines. They are yet another way to tell the world how organized and good you are at your work. Photography timelines provide space to include your works. Everyone who sees your timeline should see your flair and skill. Also, include your name and contact details so they may find you.

10+ Photography Timeline Templates

1. Free Wedding Photography Timeline Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Editable PDF

Size: A4 & US


This free wedding timeline template, designed by professionals, is for presenting the wedding timelines. Being an icon-rich template, it gives out a merry and positive vibe. It can be edited in Google Docs, MS Word, Pages and comes even in an editable PDF format. Quick and easy to customize, this landscape photography timeline can be downloaded in A4 and US sizes.

2. Elegant Wedding Day Timeline Template

Wedding Day Timeline Template Download

A beautiful 2-page wedding photography timeline like this one gives you a chance to show off your work along with informing all about the wedding day plan. The fully customizable paid wedding-day-timeline-template is in the PSD format and can easily be edited with the instructions included. The template also includes wedding day icons as a bonus.

3. Creative Wedding Day Photography Timeline Example

Wedding Day Photography Timeline Template Download

With a pink background, this template is bound to steal the hearts of many brides. The wedding photography timeline template can be availed in Photoshop and MS Word for full customization as per need. With a single page of 17” x 11” inches (landscape) and 0.25 inches bleed, you can comfortably include photos as well as text.

4. Modern Photography Timeline Template

Photography Timeline Template Download

Handmade items are always a popular choice and this is one of them. Created by professionals with the focus to impress potential customers, this wonderful photography timeline template has a simple and organized arrangement of images and text. You can customize this 8.5” x 11” template in Photoshop CC and CS.

5. Standard Wedding Photographer Timeline Template

Wedding Photographer Timeline Template Download

This portrait style and elegantly designed wedding day timeline will surely impress one and all. It has a white background but the colors can be changed as per preference. The highly customizable 8.5” x 11” photography sample wedding timeline templates come in PSD format and are designed for use with Miller’s Lab and WHCC.

6. Simple Photography Logo Timeline Template

Simple Wedding Photography Timeline Template Download

Sometimes simplicity steals the day. This photography timeline template sample example format shows how even a simple text element arrangement gives an impressive feel. Each layer is fully customizable in terms of text and color. The wedding schedule template is not free and can be downloaded as digital PSD spread in the size of 8.5” x 11” inches.

7. Printable Wedding Photography Timeline Template

printable wedding photography timeline template Download

The flowers at the top and a graceful and artistic font seal the deal for this template. The wedding photography timeline template comes as a layered PSD file of size 8.5” x 11” inches. This is a paid sample wedding timeline and the download also includes fonts. With a 300 dpi resolution, the finished product will be sharp and very fine.

8. Premium Wedding Day Timeline Template

Premium Wedding Day Timeline Template Download

Not finding the right template with enough space for your wedding day timeline? Choose this 2-page photography wedding day timeline template that is available in PSD format and landscape orientation. Its 300 dpi resolution gives a premium finish to it. This 17” x 11” template can be edited in Photoshop CS or later and is completely customizable.

9. Ideal Wedding Photography Timeline Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 3.14 MB


You will surely like this gorgeous pink and purple free simple timeline template with an aesthetic and stunning font in PDF format for managing your wedding photography timeline. There are two photography timeline templates given out in this, one with a first look and other without a first look. Details of all the events during a wedding ceremony are given, which will help you plan the time limits accordingly without missing anything.

10. Customizable Wedding Day Schedule Timeline Sample

Customizable Timeline Template for Photographers Download

An exquisite and gorgeously designed photography timeline template like this is sure to blow the minds of your potential customers. You get the option to upload 4 of your best photos in this fully customizable best timeline template, and the title’s font instantly captures your interest. Its white background with cream lines adds finesse to an already beautiful template.

11. Photography Schedule Timeline Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 344 KB


Get this unique template with a beautiful font to memorialize your wedding timeline. The excellent arrangement of images and text puts the well-crafted photography timeline template in a class of its own. The blank timeline template has extra sections which give information about important people as well as vendors which helps marketing you as well as the vendors.

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