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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Steps to Write a Photography Storyboard
  2. 10+ Photography Storyboard to Download
  3. 1. Sample Wedding Photography Storyboard
  4. 2. Modern Photography Storyboard Template Set
  5. 3. Editable Engagement Photography Storyboard Template
  6. 4. Standard Storyboard Photoshop Templates
  7. 5. Large Photography Storyboard Template

Photography Storyboard [5+ Templates To Download]

A single picture can speak a thousand words and a storyboard can narrate an entire saga! Photography storyboards are a road map of sorts that guide your clients and viewers about the basic theme and purpose of your project. Here are some simple tips to create the perfect photography storyboard, followed by a list of the top 10+ photography storyboard templates that you can check out.

5 Steps to Write a Photography Storyboard

Step 1. Select the Pictures

The first step to building any photography portfolio or storyboard is getting all the images in one place. A storyboard is a space where you can arrange your pictures in a systematic, logical way so as to convey a deeper message or meaning to the viewer. Ensure that you have a wide range of images so that you can always switch the pictures if and when you want.

Step 2. Grouping Images

Simply having a series of images is not enough. You cannot clutter your storyboard with all the pictures. You need to pick and choose and group them in separate categories. Also, be sure that your images match the theme and intent of your storyboard and have some common link connecting them.

Step 3. Customization and Arrangement

Once you have selected the images you want on the storyboard, the next step is to prepare the pictures. A suitable photography storyboard theme or template allows you to customize the image as you want. Editing also involves resizing the images, though be sure that you don’t cut out the important chunks off.

Step 4. Choose a Color Scheme

After resizing the images and customizing them to look somewhat similar, the next step is to add change the color scheme of the images. A storyboard should follow a common theme and narrative. Having a common color scheme and background connects the storyboard and makes it more comprehensible.

Step 5. Pick a Frame

Last but not least, you have to add frames to the pages of the storyboard to add structure to your presentation. You can add separate frames to the images or add a common framework to each storyboard page. The frame lends weight and finish to your storyboard, so choose wisely.

10+ Photography Storyboard to Download

1. Sample Wedding Photography Storyboard

sample wedding photography storyboard

The sample wedding storyboard as the name suggests is tailor-made to present the wedding pictures in a stunning collage or poster. Here, you can add text, change the font, add frames, colors, backgrounds, graphics and more. Trust this wedding storyboard photography template to make your output seem super special.

2. Modern Photography Storyboard Template Set

modern photography storyboard template set

The storyboard template set 003 is user-friendly and editable in Photoshop. You can easily add your own images, add text, colors and more. There are 15 different layouts to choose from, each optimized for multiple platforms. Trust its classy imagery to make your storyboard memorable. Because of the range of choices you get within the template, and because it’s customizable, this is the only wedding storyboard template you’ll need.

3. Editable Engagement Photography Storyboard Template

editable engagement photography storyboard template

The Engagement photography simple storyboarding format looks very professional and beautiful. The interface is engaging, replete with editing tools and easy to work with. Other than that, there are 16 customizable graphics optimized for both Photoshop and Lightroom. This template offers the maximum value for money primarily because it’s fully customization, comes with rich imagery, and is easy to print.

4. Standard Storyboard Photoshop Templates

standard storyboard photoshop templates

The Storyboard Photoshop templates are a set of 8 customizable storyboards templates that can be used for creating albums, digital scrapbooks, graphic designs and more. Here, you can add multiple images, customize them, add multiple color schemes and filters and even change the background if necessary. Ease of customization, print readiness, and awesome imagery make this template super special for all your photography storyboard requirements.

5. Large Photography Storyboard Template

large photography storyboard template

The Photography Storyboard template is a 16×20 large canvas where you can add images, arrange them and customize the storyboard template as and when you want. Anyone who wants to use the template must have a basic knowledge of how Photoshop works. It’s easy to customize it and change the number of images you put into this storyboard.

Storyboard template is a DIY option that requires no technical expertise or coding skills. The stunning drag and drop interface comes with a set of editing tools for resizing images, tweaking color schemes and adding frames. You can customize and print your designs on Photoshop.

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