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Photography is a form of art that many people appreciate. Photographers are hired in all kinds of occasions to capture pictures of different kinds of memories that people wish to remember, whether it be for something momentous like a wedding or something simple like a small gathering. Roll-up banners are a good of way of advertising your photography services to people, with the right pictures and format.

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5 Steps to Make a Photography Roll-up Banner

Making a banner is no easy task. Aside from ensuring that the banner has to look attractive enough to people, you have to see to it that it achieves its main purpose: To make its message (or, in this case, what it is advertising) stick. Although not necessary, a series of steps can be followed to lighten this task.

Step 1: Create the content

Photography banners should contain well-taken photos, as this will serve as a form of advertisement for your services. Decide which photos you think look best in your conceptualized banner. If you have none in mind, take some photos that you think will fit well to the theme you have in mind.

Step 2: Design the format

Create and design a roll-up banner format that you think looks pleasing to hopeful customers. Keep in mind that photography is an art form. Also remember to put in important information regarding your photo studio or your photography services. If designing the banner may prove to be a task too difficult, you may download a template.

Step 3: Put on the finishing touches

Make sure that your banner lacks any errors. Mistakes and typos in your banner can affect how your business is viewed. Avoid sloppy work by making your banner appear as professional-looking as possible. You can also add minute details if you think it will make your banner look better.

Step 4: Test the initial design

Gather a set of people to test your initial design for your banner. Apart from finding your own banner pleasing to look at, you should also consider the opinion of others. Make sure your design pleases the vast majority, rather than only yourself, as you are planning to attract customers to your studio.

Step 5: Print the roll-up banner

Make sure that you find a good quality print shop to print your roll-up banner. After you have printed your banner, place it in a strategic location where it can be seen by a fair amount of people. The placement and location is vital for your banner to catch a potential customer’s eye.

1. Photography Roll-Up Banner Template

photography roll
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: Available in 30×70 inches + Bleed


In some cases, simple and clean may be the better motif for advertising. With this roll-up banner layout, you can advertise for your services without overshadowing the beauty of the photos in the template. As the popular adage goes: “There is beauty in simplicity.” Download this design, and we assure you that you won’t regret it.

2. Free Photography Roll Up Banner Template

free photography roll up banner template
File Format
  • Photoshop

Size: Available in 30×70 inches + Bleed


If you’re short in cash (or if you just want to save money), then we suggest you avail yourself of this roll-up banner template! Putting away the absolutely delightful fact that it is for free, it also comes with free images and artwork, as well as free Standard Google Fonts. You won’t have a hard time with this template!

3. Free Multipurpose Roll Up Banner Template

free multipurpose roll up banner template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Size: Available in 30×70 inches + Bleed


Professional-looking formats can be fetching to look at. If you’re looking for something to advertise your long-time photography business, then this may be the template for you. Fret not, for this Free Multipurpose Roll Up Banner Template also comes with eye-catching titles and suggestive headings—perfect for those who aren’t too keen in making catchphrases.

4. Stylish Photography Roll-Up Banner

photography roll up banner 1 preview Download

If you specialize in monochromatic photography, then this is the right template for you to use! With a two-colored theme, this design is none too bold or flashy. If you want to download this design, yet you think that it isn’t up to par with your taste, you can always edit it to your liking right after downloading it.

5. Modern Photography Roll-Up Banner

rollupbanner Download

Impress people with this cool-looking roll-up banner that combines elegance with modernity. Photography Roll-Up Banner is easily customizable and editable, with labeled layers, and a print-ready format. With a design that contains a center-point reminiscent to camera lens, this template is perfect for your photography service and studio! Download it now.

6. Standard Photography Roll-Up Banner

photography roll up banner 3 preview Download

Squares and quadrilateral shapes are a current trend in modern design. And who wouldn’t appreciate them? Squares can double up as designs, while being fillers at the same time. Get a chance to try out this cool design for your photography roll-up advertisement by downloading this Standard Photography Roll-up Banner.

7. Trendy Photography Roll-up Banner Template

photobanner Download

Looking for a sure-fire way to make your business appear fancy? Then have a look at this template! With a price noticeably cheaper than a significant amount of banners, this photography roll-up design is worth it. Paired with a good photograph, this appealing design will surely and effectively promote your photography well.

8. Customizable Photography Roll Up Banner Template

photography roll up banner9 Download

MRI Studio brings you this well-equipped and well-designed Photography Roll Up Banner template. Printable in three refreshing color schemes, this well-organized template will provide great satisfaction to customers seeking for information. Aside from that, this layout is incredibly easy to customize, with an instruction file already provided in the download package.

9. Simple Photography Roll-Up Banner Template

image previewphotorollup Download

This is a roll-up banner design ideal for advertising professional photography services, particularly in the fashion industry. Wow people with this fresh and stunning format by downloading and using this Photography Roll-Up Banner Template. You are sure to stand out from the rest by using this unique banner for your photography business!

10. Photography Roll-up Banner

01 Download

This roll-up banner template showcases beautiful color combinations in cool shades. Aside from promoting photography studios, this banner can also be used to advertise for fashion shows, modelling events and whatnot, with its distinctive template format. This is only compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

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