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15+ Word Payroll Templates Free Download

As a company or business, it is necessary to have a record of every information regarding the pay slip handed out to your employees. Records that show employee information with wages, tax deductions, payment completion, payment outstanding, the reason for outstanding, etc. are some information that is crucial to keeping an organized word document. Payroll templates supported by Microsoft Word offer more than just a word file. They offer users a friendly interface. Plenty of samples of Paystubs are available for download. While most are free downloads yet others come at a premium price.

32+ FREE & Premium Payroll Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Importance and Benefits that Payroll Templates Offer

While offering a salary proof for the employees and providing them with a detailed analysis of the increments and pay cuts with reasons listed, there is a host of other benefits that a Payroll Template offers. It estimates the duration of how much an employee has worked for and provides yearly/monthly/weekly reports of employee progress. For example, using Microsoft Word 2010, if one were to record the salary sheet of an employee who has been regular throughout the year with no absence. It would be easy to provide a bonus and payroll calculator list it as a comment and also provide a commendation to the employee in the same word format.

Different Elements and Variations of Payroll Templates

Different variations of templates exist to provide information for various payment-related Payroll Form. In MS word, there are many templates that offer precise information that can be downloadable such as.

  • Salary Slip – Provides basic information about an employee, their designation, date, earnings, deductions and total net salary
  • Summary Report – Contains basic information about employees and their progress, conduct, reports, and projects.
  • Timesheet Calculator – Gives a detailed breakdown on word to word information of time logged and time logged off for the duration of work in a day/month/year basis. Helpful in deducting and increasing salaries.
  • Sales Commission – Provides data on the target reached by an employee and the bonus earned by them in word doc or other formats.

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Important Data That The Payroll Template Should Provide

At first glance, a good pay slip should provide all the essential information required by a company and some of the many information that makes for a good pay slip are as follows.

  • Information of the employee
  • Contact details
  • Zip Code
  • Company logo and information
  • Hourly/Daily/Monthly Wages
  • Overtime Earnings
  • Holiday/Vacation Earnings
  • Total hours logged in a month
  • Various tax deductions
  • Total deductions by the company for listed reasons
  • Net gross salary
  • Pay slip prepared by/received by (name required)
  • Signature/Comments

Factors to Consider While Choosing Templates and Using Them

Free Word Templates are great to use for Word-based documents. They should not be cluttered and provide sufficient information that can be easily read by anyone. Employees would find it useful if they were provided detailed information as to the cuts and increment of their salaries. Employers would have a proof of payment as well as rich background details of different employees to differentiate work tasks. A salary slip also serves as a formal record of employees seeking to advance their careers, a good pay slip can provide sufficient proof as to the skills and talents by showcasing the right data.

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32+ FREE & Premium Payroll - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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