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What Is a Funeral Brochure?

A funeral brochure has no vast difference to other typical brochures, the thin line that matters is that this includes details about the deceased person. This brochure is given during a funeral service providing details both the memorial service and the deceased. Similar to other brochures, this can also be done tri-fold and bi-fold depending on the preference.

Printed funeral service brochures let you feature your loved ones so others will be aware of the story about them. This comprises details about their likes and tastes, how they viewed life when they were still living, and some more. Apart from that, this brochure also includes the funeral program, funeral arrangement, and funeral itinerary.

How to Create a Funeral Brochure

If you have an idea of what to include in your sample brochure, you can freely make your own brochure designs, or avail of pre-made templates as well. You have the freedom to choose what design to use as long as it stays creative and elegant in a way that it signifies love and respect toward the deceased.

In loving memory of your loved one, create brochures personalized for them as you unveil their story to other attendees. Since this is a sensitive and a formal happening, be certain and open on your designs.

1. Base your Designs on your Loved One's Preference

Since this printed funeral brochure is for your passed loved one, you have to base your design on his/her likes. If you have limited ideas about the likes, you can ask the other family member, close friends, and other people who have knowledge about it. The common colors used in funeral events are black and violet, however, you can freely choose colors that complement the other.

2. Include an Image in High Resolution

If you have pictures of your loved one, insert it on your brochure. Make sure that the image is in high resolution for better output. Don't settle for pixelated images, as possible.

3. Add on the Needed Details

A eulogy can be added here, but it's up to you if you want to. See to it that the name is properly spelled and the date together with the internment and other quotes. Again, refer to your details to whom you base it. Doing so will make your eulogy brochures more reliable and appropriate for the event.

4. Choose a Folding Style

Both bi-fold and tri-fold brochures have advantages and disadvantages. Bi-fold is great for large images. This features one fold, allowing images to be included without compromising the effectiveness of the entirety. Tri-fold, on the other hand, is highly convenient. These are easy to hand out, and will suddenly be visible when opened.

5. Print Out

Use high-quality printers when you print out a funeral or a memorial brochure. The choice of the paper stock will vary on the printer that you have. If these brochures are properly printed, rest assured are quality-wise print-outs. You can maintain formality while exploring the sense of creativity.