6+ Best Print These Comic Strip Templates

Comic strips are smart tools to spread your marketing communication messages with, apart from being attention grabbing additions to newspapers, newsletters and magazine of all sorts. If you wish to make use of a comic strip to showcase a humorous scene or need to plug in your marketing messages into something as unique and ingenious as a comic strip, you will need some cool and dependable comic strip templates that make your job easier. Once you are able to shortlist the best from the hundreds of comic strip templates, you will need to print these comic strip templates after customizing and fine tuning them to suit your needs in all possible ways. You can change the basic color themes, font sizes and styles, and play around with the dialog shapes that these strips usually come with. Here are some heart winning comic strip templates that will make comic strip designing a breezy task for you.

print these comic strip

Blank vertical

Include this vertical layout into the mix for added flexibility and innovation. This template also supports scalable dimensions in addition to the four boxes and an extended title area for the professionals.

Lead end

Include this innovative template for spicing up the web pages perfectly in addition to the print ready interface. PDF support is rendered besides the essential color schemes and multiple stock images.

Manga page

Enthralling sequences and multiple scenes are included besides the entirely customizable interface. This template also sports a print ready layout in addition to the stock images and exciting color schemes.

Top angled

This template has in store certain innovative features like included graphics and essential color selections. Fonts and images are selected with ease whereas the scalable boxes provide the needed boost to any project.


This template sports a horizontal layout which also includes multiple color schemes and a minimalistic interface. Other specs range from the availability of stock images to the all-important print ready framework.

Big Start

This template has a double sided opening which comes in handy for the designers. One can include customizable layers into the scheme of things followed by the availability of free fonts and illustrations.

Comic strip

One can edit this template based on the text and image inclusions. This is a highly resourceful option with citation tags available in addition to the office support and exciting stock images.

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