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How to Make an Agency Brochure in Photoshop

For agencies to stay relevant to their clients, they must take a step further in advertising themselves to them. Create better strategies to market your business and read through these excellent tips in making an agency brochure in Photoshop.

1. Identify Your Agency Specialization

Are you handling a tourism agency, marketing agency, employment agency, real estate agency, or an advertising agency? The idea is to stand out from your competition, understand your current position in the market and tailor excellent marketing strategies to compete. Brochures are the adequate tools you can use to advertise yourself to the public. Besides being cheap, it has a creative way to attract potential clients. Share your agency's achievements and credentials, then indicate the benefits you can offer to your clients.

2. Define Your Ideal Clients

The point of your printed brochure is to market what you can offer to the public. Get a clear idea of who your clients are. Different audiences need different designs. Gather information about them and their current needs. What's the trend in the market? How do they react to brochures? Can you expect a good output from selling to them? How will you grab their attention? Once you get to understand your clients, reaching them will be a piece of cake.

3. Develop a Good Message to Your Audience

To reach your audience, you have to speak their language. Develop the right message and deliver it in a relatable way to them. Present the details about your agency's background information, and feed them with the benefits and advantages they can get from you.

For example, you want to sell travel accommodations for clients who wish to avail of vacation packages. How can you communicate it to them to persuade them to avail of your services? You need to use the right words to market your stuff. Know when to be formal and when to get creative with your words. Then apply this to your advertising brochures.

4. Choose a Brochure Type

There are plenty of brochure types you can make use of. The standard folds are the tri-fold brochure and the bifold brochure. But who says you limit yourself to that? Get creative and choose a different style like a parallel fold, an accordion fold, or even a roll fold for your brochure. Though, the type of brochure fold you want shall depend on the content you wish to input and the place where you want to display your brochures. If you plan to write a ton of information, it is advisable to use a tri-fold brochure.

5. Use a Good Design

It's all about the design. Create a compelling brochure design, and your readers will pick your company brochure and read through its content. So, how do you design your brochure? Gather high-quality photos that relate to your theme. Deliver your messages through your words and pictures. Use excellent colors that blend well with the rest of your content and use readable font styles and sizes. Create attention-grabbing headlines that attract your readers, then organize your brochure's layout. Never forget to use good paper quality and ink quality in printing your brochures to have an excellent output.

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