The construction business is an expensive and time-consuming field of work. Not only is there the hard physical labor that naturally accompanies contractor work, but there’s a great deal of paperwork to take care of as well. So, when it comes to creating an order form, it helps to cut down on the tedium and hassle it takes to compose all of those documents. Fortunately, the availability of professional templates comes in quite handy for this purpose. And so, if you’re looking for downloadable content for your job, have a look at our Ready-Made Construction Order Templates! Our samples are easily editable in Google Docs, printable in A4 and US sizes. Download now--put together a simple order form, proposal summary form, and more in a snap!

How to Make a Construction Order in Google Docs?

When it comes to construction civil work, data assessment is a crucial aspect of the industry. And, one type of paperwork for that purpose is the order form. As explained on, an order form is a type of document used by clients and consumers to file an order from a company/business. So, to help you compose a proper order form in Google Docs, we’ve prepared a set of tips for you right below!

1. Create a Base for Your Form

Boot up Google Docs and open a fresh document/template. To start off, you need a proper foundation to work with, so go ahead and choose the size of your document (A4, US, etc). Then, set up a margin along the border of your document; 1 inch is usually an acceptable length for that.

2. Input the Basic Information

With your basic layout ready to go, the next thing to do is add in general details and information for the form. Create the title of your order form at the very top; for keeping it simple, you can align it in the center, having it aligned to the left or right ends can also be done, depending on how you format the content just below it.

Next, input the information about the company; such as the name, address, and contact details. If applicable to the particular format of your form, do the same thing for client information.

3. Arrange the Content-specific Details

Now it’s time to focus on the order specifically. In the next section of your document, provide a summary of the order or project at hand. If your form involves purchasing goods or services, then create a table to input the data for that.

4. Add a Dash of Professional Flair

Don’t forget to put a bit of zest into your paperwork, which helps with your company/business project presentation. You can insert some clipart or custom images between the content sections. Highlight the headers of your tables with some color filling. Use font colors for certain parts of your text (like the title/main header). Include your company logo near the top of your form. Download the document to print from the 'File' menu.

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