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The success of your brand is heavily influenced by the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and tools. Using the personal reach of email when promoting your brand can yield positive results; hence, it is ideal to invest in high-quality and effective email marketing. Our Email Ad Templates that you can customize in Photoshop have been created specifically to help you out. Our professional designers have provided a customizable layout, original artworks, creative background designs, unique font styles, and a lot of other great qualities that will surely suit your brand and purpose. With the easy-to-edit feature, you are guaranteed an efficient and convenient creating process. Download our Email Ad Templates in Photoshop for free now!

What Is an Email Advertisement?

Email advertising is a marketing strategy that is executed through email where the receiver has consented to receive promotional messages from a particular company. This allows customers the option to give the marketers permission to opt-in and to avoid unsolicited email marketing which usually hurts the business' reputation. Examples of these include email newsletters that are sent to customers to inform them of new products, promotions, services, events. The markets often provide the receiver with some information of what they will receive when they write their email address in a subscription form. 

How to Create an Email Advertisement on Adobe Photoshop

In order to reach out to your target customers, you would need a marketing tool that can catch their attention. Email advertisements are one of the best ways to do that, especially since we are living in a digital era. They are essentially the online counterpart of business brochures. You have the option to download any of our available templates or take up the challenge to make one from scratch by following the steps below.

1. Identify What You Want to Advertise

Before listing down the potential recipients of your email marketing material, you need to first know what you want to advertise. Is it a new product you've recently developed like maybe an app you're launching? Or is it a promotion for your business or maybe even new programs in your school? 

2. Select Your Target Market

With the product in mind, the next thing you need to do is narrow down your target market. Conduct a market analysis to get an idea about your target market. What they like about your product, what they feel can be improved, and what they want to see are all important factors in your approach.

3. Make a Rough Draft or Two

The process of creating advertising emails that truly sell involves a series of writing rough drafts. Having about three to five drafts can help you create different versions of your email advertisement, but you can only select one. Remember that the focus of the draft is the layout and the structure of the content. So while you're making the drafts, always consider the spacing and certain areas that need to have specific elements.

4. Create the Advertisement

The advantage of creating email ads, Instagram ads, or any digital ads in Photoshop is that you simply need to add layers to quickly follow up on your draft. For the design, you need to consider the image, the color, and the font for the content. The images that you will be using needs to be relevant to the product or service you're advertising, and the same thing can be said for the choice of colors. And for the font, you need to make the header bold and eye catching, but not to the extent that it out-stages the images.

5. The Content

In your email advertisement, you need to keep your content short, straight to the point, and appealing. If you can minimize the word count, do so as long as the message is still as clear as it needs to be. The content will need to contain enough details to give your reader an idea about what you're advertising.

6. Review

Once you're finished, lock all the layers so you won't accidentally make unnecessary changes to the design. Review the advertisement to check for any formatting issues. The same thing can be said regarding the content, check for any grammatical error and immediately correct it. Just like other advertising materials such as sales flyersbrochures, and banners, having quality content can help make your brand reliable.