How to Make an Event Brochure in Word

A 2016 Statista survey revealed a whopping 79% of small to medium enterprise (SME) owners who use flyers and brochures as a promotional tool. It showed a significant prevalence of print advertising usage, which leads us to a conclusion; brochures are efficient. They are flexible and can be used for any promotional purposes. They contain a lot of information on a limited space, and they are most likely to be read by your audience.

1. Prepare Your Details

Write down what your brochure’s content should be. Compared to flyers and posters, brochures contain way more information in a somewhat limited space. That’s why they’re among the preferred marketing tool. You must know not only the event’s necessary information (e.g., title, date and time, venue), you must be able to include a bit of a background of what the event is all about, its roots, purpose, and agenda. However, you must remember that even though a brochure may be detailed, it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Make it brief by using bullets, lists, or photos. The latter tells a thousand words, so they will be a powerful element to include.

2. Identify the Theme

To make your designing process easier, determine what look you want to pursue. Have a theme for your brochure. Do you want it to be a professional brochure? Artistic? Rustic? Sparkly? Your theme should blend perfectly with the nature of the event. If it’s an educational program, you might want it to look formal or child-friendly (for younger kids.) If it’s a business conference, make it look sharp and polished. When you have chosen what theme you’re going for, the layout, background, color scheme, cover design, every visual aspect follows.

3. Get a Template

If you’re opting to use MS Word to complete your brochure, we highly recommend using a template. While MS Word is widely accessible in any device, it limits your artistry. It also hinders you from carrying out your desired outcome. Having a template alleviates the burden of the process. With our wide array of ready-made and downloadable event template at your disposal, you can quickly scan for anything that suits your style and theme and start from there. You can seamlessly incorporate your texts, artworks, and images with utter convenience.

4. Personalize

Every idea is unique. The template will not wholly carry out your vision and chosen arrangement. Don’t let that hamper you. Make it yours! Change the colors, replace the images, rearrange the content sequence, and add your personal touch. Our brochure templates are made with scalable vectors, which allows you to make significant revisions with ease.

5. Review Your Output

Never forget to proofread your creative brochure. Examine every word and statement for misspelled words and grammar lapses. Make use of an online grammar checker to make this more comfortable for you. You may have to double-check your event’s main details and see if you got everything right, or you may risk leading your audience on with incorrect information. Make sure that you got everything in the proper order before printing it out. Discovering later on that you have produced printed copies of incorrect brochures will surely be disastrous.

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