Being a lawyer is among the highest paying jobs in the industry. The reason why is because of the confidentiality and risks of a lawyer's job dealing with the law. So if you have all the credentials necessary to pursue a career as a lawyer in a law firm, you should definitely go for it. Make sure to submit a quality resume when you apply. Since a quality resume can be quite difficult to achieve, we encourage you to utilize our customizable Lawyer Resume Templates. Each of these ready-made resume files showcases a formal design that's suitable for corporate settings. You can personalize them using the following file formats: Apple Pages, MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe PSD. Start creating a winning lawyer resume of your own by downloading these resume templates now!  

What is a Lawyer Resume?

A lawyer resume is a specific type of professional resume displaying the complete background of a lawyer who performs legal practices and processes. The lawyer could be a junior lawyer, immigration lawyer, family lawyer, government lawyer, and many more. Moreover, a lawyer resume can also be called an attorney resume.

How to Create a Lawyer Resume

According to a July 2019 article by Ryan Lane from, the median salary of lawyers is $120,910, based on data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, he added that the amount lawyers make depends on what kind of law they're practicing. Nevertheless, the annual salary that they make mostly reaches six digits. That said, you have cause to be excited if you're planning to apply as a lawyer in a law firm. When you apply, don't forget to make your corporate resume impressive to improve your chances of getting hired. Our quick guide below will help you achieve that.

1. Attach a Quality Formal Photo

The formal ID photo that you'll attach is the first thing that an employer notices when he/she views your resume. For some or most, it's the part of the resume that they will check first. With that fact, make sure to attach a high-pixelated ID photo to give an excellent first impression. The photo should also be a recent one, not from a year ago.

2. Emphasize Your Name and Profile

You must emphasize your full name near your formal photo, either above, below, or beside it. Input your full name using capital letters to make them more readable for the employer viewing your resume. For your birth date, gender, age, and nationality, indicate them accurately. An employer will review your profile for a thorough background check. See to it that your personal profile matches with your IDs and your birth certificate.

3. Elaborate Your Credentials

Your credentials are a crucial component of your resume since they will be carefully read by the employer to determine your credibility as a lawyer. So make sure to state all of them, including your educational attainment, experience certifications, licenses, and other relevant achievements with corresponding documentation.

4. Enumerate Your Skills

There are attributes about yourself that cannot be determined through your credentials alone; these are your skills. Only you know best what skills you're good at. But in this case, you must enumerate the extensive skills you have that are part of a lawyer's job description. That will surely convince an employer to consider you for a job interview.

5. Set a Formal Design

Keep in mind that a law firm is a corporate setting. Thus, your resume must sport a formal design free from unnecessary artistry. You can, however, apply some artistry. Just keep it simple. After completing all the components of your resume, you can then print it. When you submit it, we advise you to pair it with a cover letter or application letter.

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