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How To Create A Letter Of Intent In Microsoft Word?

A letter of intent or LOI is a formal letter document that consists of an outline that indicates a legal binding or understanding between two or more parties. This kind of letter document is widely observable, most notably in a business or academic set-up.

If you are looking for a comprehensive letter template that would cater to your letter needs such as for confirmation, request, job application, cancellation, and many more, make sure to check our various templates above. Also, to ease-up your letter formulation, we render to you a guide below on how you can effectively formulate your letter.

1. Identify Your Purpose Or Intent

A letter of intent can be used in a different way and means. With this, you need to identify first the use or your intention of having one. The letter of intent can be used for job position application, business proposal, or real estate transaction, so determine first your purpose of having one. Then, also consider identifying your specific recipient.

2. Use And Run Microsoft Word Application

A formal document such as resignation letters or in this case letter of intent needs to be formulated comprehensively with the use of the right program application. With this, we highly suggest that you should use Microsoft Word in your letter construction. Microsoft Word offers a basic editing tool that is vital in every letter formulation. This editing application is also perfect for beginners, for it offers a user-friendly feature for your use.

2. Start The Letter Providing Your Personal Information

Like any other sample letter construction, you need to identify first your information as a sender. Start it by providing your name, address, postal number, and email address. Then, carefully place it in the top-most part of your letter.

3. Include The Appropriate Salutation For Your Letter

Whether it is for college application or job application use, you need to stipulate first the formal salutation of your recipient. Before you formally construct the body of your letter, identify first if it is a Mister, Miss, or Doctor. You can freely choose to spell out the salutation or not. Additionally, you can also opt to identify the full given name of your recipient to establish a professional tone.

4. Comprehensively Write The Letter Body

The body of your letter of intent serves as the heart and soul of your document. With this, you need to stipulate the messages and intentions that you want to convey to your recipient. Understandably, you want to convey more information as much as you want to. However, you also need to consider writing your message in a simple yet straight forward tone. Furthermore, if you intend to have a letter for a job application, you also have to include having a cover letter for your document.

5. Produce A Copy Of The Letter

After finalizing the important content of your letter, now is the time wherein you need to print a copy of your desired letter. You can either choose to print it on your available print device or to your local print store. Also, to make things more organized, you can also include having a simple envelope to make your document more organized.

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