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How To Create A Request Letter in Microsoft Word?

In writing request letters, your correspondent plays an important role in your request. Request letters with your request proposal can be taken positively by your boss, customer, or any client. Remember that to achieve this, you must make your letter accordingly. In writing it, remember how valuable your request that it must be approved. For whatever reason behind your application, this sole reason alone, consider these tips in creating your request letter in Microsoft Word:

1. Focus On Your Audience

Do not be self-centered; instead, focus on your request letter's recipient. Include the benefits that your recipient will gain in approving your request. Also, research about your recipient. Flatter him/her by including reasons why he/she can help you and why did you choose him/her out of a wide variety of choices. However, show your willingness and appreciation to reciprocate their kindness through a kind act or deed. E.g., if you are requesting a scholarship, you can include that you can work for them if you finish your education plan.

2. Make Yourself Recognized

If you have not spoken your request recipient, you need to introduce yourself first. Include some of the outstanding acts you made and your capabilities. But if you know your recipient, you can make them remember you by recalling your attributes to them. For instance, if you are making a request letter for your employer, you can make them remind you by including what you have contributed, your position to their company, and a company certificate you gained.

3. Be Straightforward

After making yourself recognized and remembered, state the primary purpose of your letter. A request letter is a type of intent letter so do not include irrelevant information. Be as brief and concise as possible. But remember to include all of the necessary information about your request. Be specific, be thorough, and include all of the pertinent information. If you are requesting a copy of an official sample contract, state as to what would be its purpose.

4. Set The Right Tone

Generally, you are infringing someone's time so put your reader at ease and help them to feel that responding to you is not burdensome. If you are requesting something, do not be manipulative. Like in any simple letter, set the tone of your letter formally and positively. Be as polite as possible because you are asking them a favor to grant your request. Aside from that, you must be confident also. If your client will sense a sense of doubt towards your letter, they would likely reject your request.

5. Include Your Contact Information

Before closing your request letter, you need to attach your current and recent contact information. Make it easy for your client by providing this information. Include your phone number, personal address, and email address. Include an invitation statement saying that they can call you for further information or clarification. Express your gratitude by thanking your recipient for their time and effort to read and consider your request letter.

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