There are two types of motivation: Intrinsic Motivation (doing something to reward yourself) and Extrinsic Motivation (doing something in exchange for a reward). These two motivations are applicable in the workplace. Some employees work with passion and some out of incentives. But to be practical in achieving your business goals, you need to reward and acknowledge your employees for them to do more for your company. You might want to give them a meal voucher. Our ready-made Meal Voucher Templates are fully downloadable, editable, printable. And due to its user-friendly components, it is easy to use. Its formats are available in MS Word, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher, and Apple Pages. So, don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Download the templates and subscribe through our website at

How to Create a Meal Voucher in Publisher

Whether it's a holiday or not, meal vouchers play a vital role in the business. It draws more customers and entice people to buy or avail of the products and services. And if you are planning to give some vouchers, you can follow the steps below provided by our team of professional writers:

1. Meet with Your Team

You have to consult, discuss, and plan with your team for you to find out the kind of concept and design that you want to incorporate on your voucher. Your discussion might include the goals, target market, budget, percentage discount, date of launching, essential details, and the like.

2. Get the List

Jot down the essential details from your meeting and put it on your list or notebook. Your data should include the following: discount percentage, price, rate, period, venue, logo, company name, product, and other necessary information. After this, you should also start looking for some background photos on the internet.

3. Conceptualize a Design

Now, it's time to loosen your mind. Conceptualize a design suitable for the target consumers, goals, and theme. You may also check the internet to look for some ideas and inspiration as well. Or you may ask a friend to help you look for a design so that it would be easier for you to create a printable voucher layout.

4. Open Adobe Publisher

Open Adobe Publisher software on your computer or laptop. Utilize the tools available on the editing tool. Place some background or a picture of a food in the gift voucher layout. Next, insert the essential details plus the illustrations. Make sure that the colors are well-blended with the other elements.

5. Promote Your Voucher

Save your template on your computer or any portable storage device. And then print as many copies as you can. Promote it by broadcasting it on the television and radio. You can also post it in the newspaper or social media.

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