What Is A Sample Ticket?

A small piece of document, usually made of paper or cardstock, that provides a certain privilege to the holder to avail of a certain product or service is called a ticket. It can also be a material that contains a citation for violating a certain rule like a traffic ticket, or something that may give you a chance to win the grand prize in a lottery, like a raffle ticket.

How To Create An Enticing Sample Ticket

A simple ticket is a kind of voucher that gives a person with access to a certain establishment (theatre, theme park, concert, etc.) or provides him or her a pass to board and travel on a particular vehicle (bus, train, ship, airplane, etc.).

1. Select A Design Theme

Before considering the design theme for your modern ticket, you should establish the purpose of the ticket first. Knowing how the ticket will be used and who will use it will provide you some ideas on what theme to apply. The color scheme and the ticket design should match the type of program, event, or to whatever purpose the ticket may serve. Just be sure that the presentation and the content of the ticket will not overwhelm or consume all the space in your ticket.

2. Determine The Needed Details

In starting the draft of the ticket, first, you need to gather all the information that will be included in the document. If you are making a ticket for a certain event like a fundraiser or a concert perhaps, your ticket should have the event name or title, the event venue, the time and date, and other supplementary details about the activity. You can also indicate a specific admission type (e.g., general admission, VIP, reserved seats, etc.). You will also benefit from adding your company logo to your ticket to promote your company branding and to help your company be recognized in the market.

3. Download A Sample Ticket Template

Now that you've already identified all the information that you needed to include in your printable ticket, look for a suitable sample ticket template from our website and download it. Since the material is fully editable, applying your own design theme and format will be made quicker and easier. Start adding the needed information to your template and use high-definition color schemes to boost your ticket's presentation. Don't forget to insert your company logo or business seal to promote your brand.

4. Select The Right Printing Materials

There are different kinds of paper stocks available in the market. You just have to identify which one will be fitting to use for the ticket that you're making. If you're making a ticket stub for a raffle, party, event, or movie, a 67 lb Bristol paper with 145 gsm will be the perfect material to use. On other tickets like a parking ticket, boarding pass ticket, or a meal stub, you can choose from a 90 or a 110 lb Index paper with a 165 or a 200 gsm or a 65 lb Cover paper with 175 gsm.

5. Choose A Fitting Printing Finish

There are two commonly used printing finish in the industry; the glossy and the matte finish. Glossy finish provides a seeming brilliant boost to the color of your ticket and adds a bit of a luster to your ticket print out. The matte finish, on the other hand, brings out a simple classic vintage look to your airline ticket. Though it doesn't have the same glossy shine as the glossy finish provides, its anti-reflective qualities make it a better choice for most people.

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