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What is a Sample Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is considered as an inexpensive online marketing strategy for businesses and organizations to communicate with their leads. As the name suggests, these are sent by businesses and organizations to their subscribers via email.

How to Make a Sample Email Newsletter?

If you wish to learn how to write a newsletter email professionally, simply refer to the list of instructions below. These guidelines will help you deliver relevant content and get the appropriate response or engagement rate.

1. Identify the Goals

Every professional email newsletter has a goal and it can either be to successfully generate leads, get more contacts, or send more traffic to your brand. Before you can even start writing a single word for your content, you should first identify the goal of your creative newsletter. Also, your goal should be more than just to determine the email's open rate and should be tied to the overall goal of your organization or company plan.

2. Start Gathering The Content

After you've identified the goal of your simple newsletter, you can start gathering all the information you need for the newsletter's content. There are actually numerous ways of looking for relevant content, and these include being active and passive. Active means actually getting your hands dirty in looking for information that'll help you reach a goal. Passive, on the other hand, means randomly stumbling across information that would fit perfectly in your content.

3. Decide on a Schedule

The next step in the process involves planning the design of your content and creating a schedule for your newsletters. The design plan actually refers to how all the gathered information is going to be put together and the schedule refers to the frequency of communicating the information. All in all, it is very important that you have enough information that you can give to your prospects for the entire year.

4. Choose the Right Tools

When sending email newsletters, many businesses commit the same mistake of compiling their contacts in a spreadsheet then copying and pasting the addresses onto the CC or BCC field. This results in an unprofessional and chaotic-looking message which is considered a time-consuming and very ineffective email marketing strategy. Experts would recommend looking for the right tools that actually allow database importing and properly sending email newsletters that have a high chance of being read.

5. Create the Design

By using a graphics design application of your choice, you can start designing your email newsletter according to your goal and content gathered. The recommended width of your newsletter should be around 550 to 600 px, a resolution of 72 DPI, and an RGB color mode. Once you've created the design of your email newsletter, you can then start adding all the necessary content.

6. Test Your Email Newsletter

Many email providers have their own way of reading email codes which is why it is important that you test your email newsletter across different browsers and email providers. After finalizing the design and content of your email newsletters and doing the necessary compatibility tests, you can finally start sending it to all who have subscribed to receive your email newsletters.

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