How to Make a Sample Calendar?

sample calendar template

A calendar is a simple document that shows years, months, dates, and times. It also shows holidays and other events like New Year's, Christmas, Independence Day, or special days of relevant people in history or religious sect. A sample calendar is a personalized blank chart used to jot down schedules for every individual and their schedules.

To make a sample calendar, you need to download a calendar template that can accommodate all of your tasks in one place, your list, and of course, the following steps for your reference:

1. Download and Print the Template of Your Choice

If you are a student who prefers a very colorful calendar for your study schedule, a socialite who likes butterflies and lots of stickers to accentuate their entertaining timetable or a worker who wants to track down their productivity at work using a graphic designed calendar, you need to know what kind of templates you want to have and if it suits your personality and lifestyle. It will motivate you to write in it and you will want to look at it always, and as a result, you will never forget your daily schedule.

2. Put the Dates in the Right Boxes

If you are writing a monthly calendar for the whole month of August, then know what day Monday to Sunday falls. This applies to all months during the year so that you will be able to keep track of your schedule perfectly and not one will be left out. If you put the wrong dates in the wrong month, your schedule will surely go haywire.

3. Include Time

In case you are going to attend an event or you have an activity that needs your presence, it is important to put the time in the calendar as well to avoid being late or absent. With all the things you want to do, knowing what time you will do a task would aid you in organizing your day.

4. Put a Color Scheme for Every Activity

You can color your study time in violet, pink for your volunteer events, red for rest days, white for appointments, and so on. The colors will help you determine what you're going to do and where you spend your time.

5. Display Your Calendar Where It Is Accessible

Your simple calendar is there for a reason: to help you organize your daily schedule. Put it in a place where you can easily see it and have access to it. The advantage of seeing your calendar is that you will never forget what you were supposed to do in the first place. It also helps if you can share this bit of information with your family by making a copy of your calendar and post it on the door of the fridge or in the living room where it can't be neglected.

6. Keep Both Physical and Digital Copies

This is to ensure that you will be able to stick to your schedules tightly. The good thing about having a digital copy aside from the physical one you left at home is that you will have the opportunity to update your schedule in real-time. You can change tasks on your list according to the day's events.

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