Sample Note Templates

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Forgetting things is normal, which is why people take down notes. It's easy to get your phone or a pen and a piece of paper and write down a piece of information. But, when it's consists of different information, it can get messy. Having a template keeps your notes organize, making it easy for you to read and understand them. Well, good news for you! A good number of printable Note Templates awaits you, here at Get these in A4 and US Letter size and all file formats. Each template is professionally created by our designer to provide the necessary information you need. Whether its application is for meetings, class, payment, business proposal, etc. there is nothing for you to worry about as our templates are 100% customizable. Quickly downloadable and printable. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and download one now!

What Is A Sample Note?

A sample note is a short written message, purposely created as an aid to memory. An individual who receives a company letter, outstanding letter, return to work letter, legal letter, or inquiry letter will take down notes to remember the information he or she received. For example, if the person received a return to work letter from his or her company, he or she will take note of the return to work date to remember when to come back to work.

How To Create A Sample Note

Why do I forget things? That's a question most people ask themselves. People don't store or fail to store information in their long-term memory. When that happens, that information are sent out in the short-term memory instead. However, your short-term memory can only remember up to seven things within a 30 minute period, which is why jotting down notes is necessary. 

Writing your thoughts and facts on a blank page is okay. However, writing them on a page with a template is ideal, as this keeps your notes well-organized and easy to understand. A guide is presented down below to help you create a functional note.

1. Ask yourself Why you Need One

Are you trying to create a promissory note? Or perhaps a doctor's note? Maybe you need one for future use? Think of the purpose of why you need to make one. You can't proceed to the next step unless you already know what will you be making.

2. Decide on a Template

Factor in the purpose when choosing a template. What your template should look like is solely up to you, unless it's a legal document type of note such as a delivery note or a company note. Don't waste your time and save yourself from the hassle of creating from scratch by choosing one of our ready-made templates. 

3. Customize and Design

 A simple note is enough as long as it has the necessary functions. Designing it is optional. However, if this is for personal use, doing so can make your note more attractive to look at. Design accordingly. Don't put too much designs, or you'll end up with a messy-looking one. Avoid using silly fonts and too many colors. Remember, your goal is to create a functional and easy-to-read note.

4. Fill in the blanks

You're almost there! After you've customized and design, get your list of reminders and other information, then input all details on the spaces provided. Don't forget to add the logo for legal documents. For example, a company note should have the company's logo, while a promissory note should have the school's logo.

5. Review your work

Reviewing your work is necessary to avoid mistakes, especially for legal documents. Carefully read the information you've inputted to make sure they are spelled correctly and inputted on the right category. You don't want yourself or the person who will be reading it to get confused. Get your list and compare it to what you've made so you won't forget anything.