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How to Create an Enchanting Sample Rack Card?

Generally, a sample rack card is one of the effective marketing materials that aims to turn possible customers into real and loyal ones. It functions the same as other business advertising instruments such as flyers, business cards, brochures, cards, postcards, or banners. Moreover, it is called a rack card because the cards are placed in a rack that is commonly put in lobbies or waiting areas.

Rack cards are versatile and multifunctional because they can be a source of entertainment, information, etc. Also, different things can be put inside that particular card, may it be about your establishment, product, services, and more. Hence, we provide you useful tips and guidelines in crafting your own rack card.

1. Plan Strategically

Strategic planning is essential because it helps in the efficiency of your craft. Planning requires time and attention so that the result will be more likely to succeed. A poorly constructed plan results in poor craft and performance. That is why you have to generate your critical thinking and decision-making skills. Take into account several things for the betterment of your business such as the interest of people, available resources, efficiency of your material, etc. then present solutions or other possible ways to aid the situation. If you are done with the planning, you can create an outline afterward.

2. Determine the Layout

Choose a template that will surely suit your purpose. For example, your business is in the tourism industry—specifically a resort—you have to ensure that the template and design that you will use will fit your business's goals, mission, and vision. Most importantly, it will talk about a promotion such as discounted rates, coupons, loyalty points, etc. Afterward, select an appropriate size and orientation for your craft. Commonly, the size of a rack card is 4 by 9 inches and its orientation is in portrait.

3. Work on the Design Well

Design your craft meticulously. Give attention to the details, even to those little ones, so that everything will be perfect and are in accordance with your theme. You can have fun customizing the components of your creative promotion card. You can use font styles and sizes that are eye-catching for the title, slogan, and other contents of your craft, images that are striking and attention-grabbing, color schemes that are splashy and complementary, and a lot more.

4. Do Not Forget the Essentials

Since you are done with the layout, you can proceed with the inputting of the important details. Enter your establishment's or corporate logo, slogan, and contact information. Furthermore, highlight your mission and vision, the benefits and incentives that your target may get, high-quality features of your establishment, and other things that are beneficial to your company. Most of all, include a call to action to make your audience take action.

5. Print

For best results, use good-quality printing material in producing physical copies of your craft. Afterward, print as much as your budget can cover, then put it in a rack on the lobby or at the countertop.

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