Are you out of design for your lunch and dinner menu ideas? Do you want to upgrade your menus for your restaurant? Do you want to have an elegantly designed menu template that will help you deliver nothing but the finest content and excellent design?  Stop your search because we have the answers to your dilemma. Download our beautifully designed and 100% customizable Sample Menu Templates! These templates are easily editable so you can personalize any of the specific content you want. Available in any formats that you want such as Illustrator (.ai), MS Word (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages), Photoshop (.psd), and Publisher (.pub). Don't waste your time and get these premium templates in high quality!

What is a Sample Menu

A sample menu is just like any type of menu that has the list of all the provided services of a restaurant or any business. Menus also contain the price of each item and other menus provide a brief description of an item. Using the menu, customers will be able to choose what specific item they want to order. Not only restaurant menus, other establishments or businesses like school, daycare, catering, bar also uses a menu too.

How to Create a Sample Menu

Making a sample menu will be tricky especially when you are the type of owner to change your menu designs weekly or monthly. Coming up with a new and unique design will be hard. But you don't have to worry because here on our site, we offer you lots of simple menu templates and we provide you steps in making a sample menu. Just follow the following steps below.

1. Choose a Theme

The very first step in making your sample menu is to determine what theme you want your menu to look like. There are a lot of menu themes that you can choose from everywhere. But, make sure that your theme will fit the ambiance and the foods your restaurant offered. If you don't have any ideas, you can have the Blue Apron Menu as your reference.

2. Arrange the Items

In menu planner, arranging the items or the services you offer will always be part of it. It is already an unwritten rule that you need to list all the items on a menu. Some restaurants also include the corresponding price of the items to let the customers be aware of the amount of their order. The most important thing is to never forget even one item or service on the menu. Also, do not list services that are not offered in your restaurant. You can also arrange your items according to their type.

3. Insert Descriptions

It is always good to give your customers a little overview of the food menu. In every food that you write in your menu, you can add a short description of the ingredients so that your customers will be aware if it is okay to eat that food in case they have allergies. You can also add on the description if the food is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

4. Lay Out the Outlook

The layout includes the fonts, graphics, and the size of your menu. The fonts need to be simple and readable for your customers. As for the graphics, the designs should fit your theme and should not be too stylish to avoid looking overbearing. And lastly, the size, if your menu will be a display menu, then the standard size will be 9 inches by 12 inches. For a menu card, the size will be 8.5” x 11”.

5. Print the Menu

Your menu is now set for business! But before, do not forget to use a high-quality paper and ink when your print so that the graphics quality of the design will remain. To be safe, it is better to look for some professional printing that businesses to do the printing.

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