Let's be honest: Making sample proposals isn't an enjoyable task. No one wants to spend an abnormally long time sitting down and researching. It's even more difficult to do if you do not have a proper sample proposal format to use. Scroll down and have a look at our impressive sample proposal templates collection. These sample proposal templates are a 100% customizable and are easily editable. You don't have to worry about impressing your clients and higher-ups if you use any of our awesome templates and also available in Google docs, MS Word and Apple Pages. You can also save precious time if you will use a sample proposal template—you can use the spare time to prepare for your proposal presentation. 

What is a Sample Proposal?

A sample proposal can simply be known as a proposal. A proposal is an organized collection of information that is aimed to convince the audience to agree to its suggested topic. Proposals come in a variety of forms. For example, there are event proposals, research proposals and project proposals.

How to Make a Compelling Sample Proposal

sample proposal template

Although a sample proposal can be a common document to make, that doesn't mean it is an easy one to create. Creating a great sample proposal requires going through a series of steps, making this seem to be quite a hassle. Luckily, we have provided six tips that might help speed up the process of creating a sample proposal.

1. Present a Problem

In thinking up topics for your simple proposal, you should always start with a problem. The problem should be something that is relevant and prevalent. Doing this will then, eventually, lead to creating a proposal topic. Introducing a problem is also a recommended way to start your business presentation.

2. A Proposal Topic Equates to the Solution

Once you have your problem, you can then think of ways to solve it. Essentially, a proposal topic is the proposed solution to the problem you presented. Just like making a research proposal, your sample proposal topic has to be sensible and coherent. You can also support your topic with several guide questions made to ensure that you will not stray off-topic in making your sample proposal. These guide questions can also help you when you are making your proposal methodology.

3. Support Your Idea

The backbone of your sample proposal is your topic. Support your topic with facts. This is where research comes in. Search for factual and verified information that you can include in you sample proposal. We recommend that you search in verified and legit websites to reassure your audience. This is also a method to increase the chances of your sample proposal being approved.

4. Know Your Audience

The average human attention span has continuously beeing dropping from the year 2000 to 2015. From 12 seconds in the year 2000, the average attention span was measured to be 8.25 seconds in 2015. It was implied that this was caused by the advent of smartphones. Knowing this, you have to find an effective method to catch the attention of your audience, and have them hooked on your business proposal. A great start to grabbing attention is by making a good sample proposal title.

5. Always Tell the Truth

It is estimated that 60% of adults cannot go through a ten-minute conversation without lying. Alhough a number of lies that are told are seemingly harmless (these harmless lies are commonly known as "white lies"), we do not want you to fabricate any information you input in your sample proposal. This will give a bad impression to your audience if the truth is found out, and it will make you appear unprofessional and rude. As much as possible, avoid information fabrication.

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