"Wanted: Dead or Alive" — this famous slogan has become the bane of fugitives who are on the run. With their faces plastered in every poster, there is no escaping arrest sooner or later. Are you after a criminal that is at large and shows no remorse on their offenses? Well, here's a chance for you to apprehend them with the help of concerned citizens! Our highly editable and printable Wanted Poster Templates comes with an original artwork that can help you make a unique wanted poster for your precinct or bureau! What's more, you can download it using all file formats such as Adobe PSD and Indesign! Distribute your wanted posters immediately by availing of our templates today!   

What Is a Wanted Poster?

A wanted poster is a printed announcement circulated in a specific location to inform people of an accused outlaw whom authorities deem dangerous and need to be captured. Wanted posters are a common sight in police stations, in the walls of public areas, or government agencies. It contains sketches of the criminal's appearance or a live picture and the sum of reward money should the outlaw be apprehended.

How to Make a Wanted Poster

To make an effective wanted poster, you need to be precise in providing the citizens' information relevant to the outlaw and their activities. More than that, there's no need for extravagant poster designs. Be straightforward with the contents. To lend you a hand with your task, here are few tips for a good start.

1. Use a Clear Background

To make all the contents of the poster prominent, it would be best an option to use a transparent background. If you have seen in movies of old days during the heydays of cowboys in the wild west, the colors french beige and desert sand are the famous ones out there. However, with the change of era, police made it more realistic and straightforward by using posters with white backgrounds. If you want to see more sample wanted posters online, you can start by checking out poster releases from the FBI.

2. Provide Character Information

Modern wanted posters contain comprehensive details of the outlaw, including personal information not known to many. If you wish to apprehend the criminal within the time constraints, releasing a filtered private data will be useful in the long run. You can include height, identifying marks, facial features, nationality, age, hair color, place of origin, and even birthdays to help citizens identify them. However, be careful when giving out data. If they have spouses, children, or family members, refrain from releasing their names and private data. Unless they are an instrument to the outlaw's misdeeds, then it is a breach of their privacy, and it would be a criminal offense against confidentiality upon you.

3. Use Authentic Photos

If the outlaw has been detained in prison before or apprehended for some previous crimes, a mugshot is probably available. But if this is a first-time offense and the outlaw has no prior account of a felony in the records, the best thing to acquire is a close-up shot of the individual or a full-length shot where the features are apparent. Release a high-resolution copy of the photo and incorporate it into your wanted poster. If you have not obtained a copy of any photo, a sketch will suffice, providing that they are drawn accurately. Get the service of an excellent cartographer and let them collaborate with witnesses, if applicable.

4. Give a Word of Caution

When the suspected criminal is considered one of the most wanted in the world, it is best to give a word of caution to citizens. A written warning will help them become careful when they come across the outlaw. If the criminal has been known to design modus operandi in their activities, these warnings will alert your citizens and leading them to become mindful of their surroundings with these people and their actions.

5. Supply Information from the Police

The final step of this pointer is to publish data coming from the police. This includes the criminal's nature of offenses, the amount of bounty for the criminal, the arresting or assigned agency, and the contact number of the nearest police station. If the criminal belongs to a duo or group, there might be different reward values for each, so you might need to clarify this with the team or the headquarters. You can also write a real-time update of the outlaw like his last known location or current conviction status, especially if the outlaw has been sought for years, evading arrest and still at large.

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