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Table of Contents

  1. DL Cards Definition and Meaning
  2. What is a DL Card?
  3. 10 Types of DL Card
  4. DL Card Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In a DL Card? Parts?
  6. How to Design a DL Card?
  7. DL Card vs ID Card
  8. What’s the difference between a DL Card, Passport ID, and Real ID?
  9. DL Card Sizes
  10. DL Card Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in DL Card

DL Cards

DL cards are some of the handy methods for promotional use, personal use, and invitational use. Should you need some prints to hand out to potential customers, then the inspiring DL card generic templates and samples here can be of great help.

DL Cards Definition and Meaning

DL cards are print media that can be used as designer pamphlets to be handed out to people, most notably the potential customers of a particular company.

They are often used in areas with heavy foot traffic such as conference shows or a local plaza.

What is a DL Card?

DL cards are described as pieces of compact cards that are mainly used by companies as advertising media. They get their name because they fit inside a standard-size DL envelope. In addition to that, they can also be known as rack cards since they can be placed on brochure rack holders.

10 Types of DL Card

Financial DL Card

Companies that specialize in financial services may require easy methods of getting to potential customers at places where people usually gather. This is where having a financial DL Card comes to play. It normally contains graphic elements that relate to investment, financing, and so on.

financial dl card

Agency DL Card

Various types of agencies can resort to different types of marketing methods to grow their brand and help them get noticed. An agency DL card will certainly help them in this matter. It normally advertises services from travel agencies, advertising agencies, among others.

agency dl card

School DL Card

Schools looking to attract students from near and far can advertise their facilities and programs to people. Using School DL cards is a great and efficient way to do so. Normally, this contains snippets of information regarding the school, its programs, facilities, and faculty.

school dl card

Sports DL Card

Sports facilities or fitness outlets need to market themselves to people in order to encourage them to get active. Making use of a sports DL card is a smart way of doing so. Usually, the contents here relate to sports training, sports events, and more.

sports dl card

Event DL Card

Events such as Halloween parties will also need to be marketed in order to get people to attend them. Event DL cards of all shapes and sizes should be of great help whenever this marketing method is chosen. The contents will vary depending on the type of event being marketed.

event dl card

Real Estate DL Card

For realtors who need a quick and easy way to condense as much information as they can onto pocket-sided print media, a real estate DL card can be of great help. This is a simple but great method of promoting a real estate business. This usually contains real estate services, properties, and other elements that are appropriate for the real estate business.

real estate dl card

Wedding DL Card

Couples who are looking to get married may also have a look at wedding DL cards. They can be used as invitation cards for guests or they can also be used as advertising tools for businesses that specialize in wedding event planning. These can serve a range of functions such as invitational save-the-date cards and thank-you cards.

wedding dl card

Advertising DL Card

If you run a business, especially a startup, you will need a successful advertising campaign to get people to notice your products and services. Having an advertising DL card can be a great and low-cost way to start. The contents here are usually unique to the type of business and the products and/or services being offered.

advertising dl card

Business DL Card

If you’re looking to enter a business but don’t know where to start, you may want to consider looking at business DL cards since they can contain tidbits of information that can help you get started. These contain art, graphics, and written elements that can help you decide whether to enter that particular business or look for better alternatives. When effectively done, you shouldn’t take too long to decide.

business dl card

Fashion DL Card

Fashion boutiques and retail outlets can also get creative in letting themselves known to customers. Having a fashion DL card is a particularly smart idea of doing so. This can contain elements such as advertising new fashion brands, the sale of new products, and so on.

fashion dl card

DL Card Uses, Purpose, Importance

DL cards can be handy pieces of material used by companies for different kinds of purposes. They usually resort to this whenever they want to provide bite-size information to potential customers. Here are the ways in which a DL card can be used:

Marking Special Occasions

DL cards can be used for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. They can be important since they can be used as invitations to guests. Using DL cards is handy since they only take up a small amount of space.

Marketing Campaigns

DL cards can also be used for marketing campaigns. Normally, these are distributed in areas where foot traffic can be significant. It usually markets the sale of a product, the launch of a new product, and so on.

Menu Cards

Since DL cards are small, they can also be used as menu cards in restaurants or events with catering services. They can be a great alternative to large menus or brochures that can be a waste of space and expensive to outsource.

Table Numbers

Another great use of a DL card is through restaurant table numbers. These can make for easy and organized seating, especially in crowded restaurants. Along with the table number, this DL card can also display snippets of information about the restaurant on the back page.

Gift Certificates

For businesses handing out gift certificates to their customers, making use of a DL card is a cost-effective way of doing so. These are particularly handy to drive sales with new and current customers. DL cards are a great option for this since they are small and simple to distribute compared to full-size cards.

What’s In a DL Card? Parts?

Company Name

This part of the DL card simply states the name of the company that markets a product, service, or event.

Images and/or Graphics

This part of a DL card gives the reader a visual representation of the topic being presented in the DL card.

Slogans or Phrases

These are usually short sentences or phrases that serve as a powerful marketing tool by reinforcing the brand’s identity.

Company Logo

This part of a DL card can also be a form or a symbol of the company’s identity.

Features and Benefits

DL cards should also contain the features and benefits of the product, service, or event being advertised. It should be noted that this should be short and simple since DL cards only have a small space to work with.

Call to Action

This part of a DL card is intended to entice the reader to perform a specific action that is written on the card. It typically looks like “call us now!” or “book this ride now!”

Contact Information

DL cards are mainly used for marketing which is why contact information should also be present, which also gives the reader the opportunity to contact the company for additional information. It typically takes the form of phone numbers, email addresses, and so on.

whats in a dl card parts

How to Design a DL Card?

1. Choose a DL Card size

2. Decide on the purpose of the DL Card

3. Pick a DL Card template

4. Modify the contents of the DL Card template according to the chosen purpose

5. Add the appropriate graphics/images

6. Finalize and download

how to design a dl card

DL Card vs ID Card

A DL card is also known as a rack card and is best suited for marketing and invitational purposes and can also be used as menus, small-scale calendars, and so on.

An ID is also a small card but is mostly used for purposes such as identification and verification of someone’s identity.

What’s the difference between a DL Card, Passport ID, and Real ID?

DL cards are small-scale advertising or invitation cards best suited for trifold leaflets, brochures, greeting cards, and so on and can have different unique designs according to various factors or purposes of the DL card.

Passport IDs are mainly used as travel documents and also serve a secondary purpose as a national identity card, and their design is usually compliant with government standards.

Real IDs are physical small-scale cards that can have a federal purpose and are mainly used to verify someone’s name, birthdate, address, and any other important details.

DL Card Sizes

DL cards are so named because they fit inside a DL envelope (4.3×8.6 inches). The most common DL card sizes for widespread use are the following:

dl card sizes

DL Card Ideas & Examples

Here are some DL card ideas that can help you if you’re on the lookout for one:


How to make a DL card?

The process of making a DL card begins with selecting the desired size, deciding on the purpose of the DL card whether it’s for marketing or invitation, selecting the preferred template, modifying the contents of the template, adding the graphics and/or photos, and finalizing it with call to actions and contact details before you share or print them.

How to print a DL card in Photoshop?

The process of printing a DL card in Photoshop involves creating the DL card, making sure that it’s of the highest quality, and hitting the preset shortcut keys for print (Ctrl +P) then selecting the desired printer.

How to make a DL card using Word?

Making a DL card in word involves selecting one of the many available templates, editing the said templates according to the given purpose, and then printing the said DL card.

How do I create a DL menu card?

It’s generally the same process as creating a DL card, in which you pick the appropriate size to be used for the menu card, start from scratch or blank or pick a template of choice, incorporate or insert graphic items or visual elements, and edit the contents of the template according to what the restaurant has in the menu, and finalize the template.

What are DL size cards used for?

They are mainly used by companies for marketing purposes to drive sales upward and for invitational purposes and can also be used as greeting cards, trifold leaflets, and so on.

What points to keep in mind when making a DL card?

The contents should be short and simple, the graphics or photos, as well as the colors and shades, should be in accordance with the DL card’s purpose, and information such as the company name and contact details should be present on this card.

What does DL mean on envelopes?

DL on envelopes stands for “dimension lengthwise.”

What does DL card stand for in ID?

In IDs, the term DL card stands for “driver’s license” card.

What are the dimensions of a DL envelope?

The dimensions of a DL envelope are 4.3 × 8.6 inches.

What size are DL cards in inches?

DL cards/postcards are usually 3.9 × 8.3 inches.

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