If you need smart and affordable prints to hand out or leave around as promotions, then consider incorporating some DL cards. And we can help you get started with our easily editable DL Card Templates. Quickly compose a unique design by using any of our available file formats, like .psd and .doc. Download today to effectively advertise real estate, health insurance, and more!

How to Make DL Cards

DL cards (or rack cards) are compact printable handouts for promotional purposes. You might be thinking that it’s better to just rely on modern digital content. However, you can reach a much broader audience by using print media advertising alongside virtual equivalents (as explained by Chron, a business-centric publication).

Are you wondering how to put together DL card designs? Well then, just read our tips (below) and you’ll be set!

1. Consider Your DL Card’s Contents

Are you promoting a school? What about a restaurant or an insurance agency?

Before you design the DL card, it’s essential that you first think carefully about what you’re marketing. By doing so, creating your DL card’s contents is much easier. In a list, write down key details that would interest your target demographic the most.

2. Measure the Size of Your DL Card

DL cards are mainly appealing due to their slim and convenient dimensions. When preparing on the card’s measurements in your application, set it up in 4x9 inches with a vertical layout orientation. Additionally, add a small bleed area around the prepared space, preventing possible print errors.

3. Incorporate Fitting Visuals in Your DL Card’s Design

When it comes to catching someone’s attention, your DL card needs appealing and well-rendered visuals. However, it’s integral that they’re also thematically suitable. For example, when marketing a clinic, choose photos or illustrations that depict medical staff, diagnostic equipment, patient accommodations, and so on.

Besides that, you also need matching graphic designs. For this aspect, use colors that are widely associated with the subject’s branding.

4. Be Creative with Your DL Card’s Dialogue

Once your DL card attracts a reader, its written content takes over from there. Along with all the technical details (features, deals, website, etc.), adding some creative writing goes a long way. Insert catchy headers and taglines, like “Professional Landscaping at a Casual Cost” or “John Doe Heights - a Condo for You.”

That does it for our tips! Feel free to come back if you need to do a review or need to download our DL Card Templates.

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