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What is a Work from Home Poster?

A work-from-home poster is a printed document of small to a large paper size that emphasizes and advertises the need for a home-setting working environment. This type of documents also contains ads to promote job opportunities for people who want to work or be productive at home.

How to Create a Work from Home Poster?

According to Google's COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, only 39% of people are working at their workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic. This number shows that a major group of people is working from home for workplace safety. Promote your job offers in this period that gives the advantage to the applicants to stay at the comfort of their home while serving your business. If you want to promote the opportunities through a poster, the tips cited below will help you.

1. Place Company Logo

Company branding is crucial if you want to be familiar with people. For that, you have to include your company or business logo in your poster because this will infuse your brand identity in the minds of the target audience.

2. Integrate Pictures

Poster becomes more interesting when you add spice to it like pictures. Emory Creative Group said that images are better captivators of attention compared to a headline or slogan. So, don't let this opportunity slip, and add great pictures to your work from home posters or other marketing tools like flyers and brochures. Yet remember, provide an image that is relevant to your objective.

3. Highlight the Jobs

People want to know what jobs are available for them. Ensure that you make a list of these jobs. In any case, don't give your advertising poster a long paragraph for adding job descriptions. You have to write each job title and don't add long descriptions of each of them. You can let people contact you for more information about them.

4. Be Persuasive

A poster's greatest strength is to convey a message through little words and designs. Your business poster should convince people to apply to your company job offers. One of the effective ways to be persuasive is to add a 'Call-to-Action'.

5. Design It

Touches of colors and right typography can also convey your message to people. Find what colors you want and mark that the simple the better. It's up to you to decide whether you want to make it classic or modern. Also, you can use your company's signature colors for branding consistency purposes. For the typography, choose the ones that are easy to read and are formal.

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