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Table of Contents

  1. Rack Card Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is A Rack Card?
  3. 10 Types Of Rack Card
  4. Rack Card Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In A Rack Card? Parts?
  6. How To Design A Rack Card?
  7. Rack Card Vs. Announcement
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Rack Card, Business Cards, and Greeting Cards?
  9. Rack Card Sizes
  10. Rack Card Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Rack Card

Rack Cards

Rack cards are pieces of paper that servers and workers would give you when you are in a hotel, grocery, restaurant, and other similar places. Read on to find out everything about rack cards!

Rack Card Definition & Meaning

Rack cards are advertising tools typically around 4″ x 9″ inches and are frequently found in places many people visit.

These places include hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and similar businesses that use rack cards to promote themselves.

What Is A Rack Card?

Rack cards are little pieces of paper found in restaurants, convenience stores, and other public service places. They commonly advertise areas, venues, or tourist spots to help people know more about the place and what they can get from there. They are similar to flyers and leaflets since they are small, compact pieces of paper used to promote a business.

10 Types Of Rack Card

Business Rack Card

General business owners running grocery stores, retail shops, and markets, including nonprofit organizations, are known for using business rack cards to boost sales or promote their organization to the public. Their content may be filled with information about the company and promotions on sales. This is one of the common types of rack cards put to use.

business rack card

Restaurant Rack Card

Restaurant rack cards promote the businesses’ dishes and might have details on their delivery service. It may be similar to a menu due to photos of the food with a brief description, but don’t confuse them. Rack cards are usually found in the lobby or restaurants and are handed out by servers.

restaurant rack card

Beauty Rack Card

Beauty rack cards are mostly seen and used in salons, spas, and make-up businesses. Their content promotes beauty products like make-up or skincare, for example. And their target may vary based on the products/services presented in their content.

beauty rack card

Marketing Rack Card

Marketing rack cards have a specific design to promote the businesses that produced them to expand their market reach. Places like online businesses, colleges, or hospitals make use of these types of rack cards. They are used specifically for marketing strategies hence their name.

marketing rack card

Real Estate Rack Card

The distribution of real estate rack cards can help firms and companies advertise their latest properties for sale or lease, which anyone would love to own or rent. These rack cards may contain content advertising for modern homes, rooms for rent, and other similar properties. It also includes details like prices, sizes of the properties, and photos of the place.

real estate rack card

Photography Rack Card

Professional photographers, artists, and directors in the film and photography industry use photography rack cards to promote their outputs and services to the public. Their content may be more image-heavy than the rest, featuring their best shots. This kind of rack card is usually present in photography and camera stores.

photography rack card

Construction Rack Card

Construction firms and companies use construction rack cards for advertising their products and services, especially home building, metal work, carpentry, and construction work. They serve as a perfect advertising tool for presenting portfolios to clients since rack cards display details like prices, photos, and short descriptions of their work. Create one for your business today and start promoting your output to prospective clients.

construction rack card

Wedding Rack Card

Wedding planners use wedding rack cards to market their wedding programs and services. Their content would contain glamorous photos of wedding venues, models, and photographs, enticing clients to reach out and have their special day planned by those who produced the rack cards.

wedding rack card

Event Rack Card

Event planners and businesses use event rack cards for advertising a specific event, activity, or special occasion. These events could be about a play, a party, a 3-day sale on shoes, or a medical checkup. Most people usually hand them out at the venue days before the event starts.

event rack card

Church Rack Card

Church rack cards are made for advertising church-related activities and other religious events. They are best known for sharing the Good News through their content. And are often found and distributed in chapels, churches, and other religious-based stores.

church rack card

Rack Card Uses, Purpose, Importance

Rack cards have various ways of being useful. Here are some reasons why companies and businesses use them.

For Advertising

The main purpose of rack cards is to advertise the businesses that have produced them. This helps people be aware of the latest offers. With its small size and content, the advertisement delivers information quickly and efficiently.

For Cost Cutting

Creating rack cards is cheap and cost-efficient. Not only that but less content and graphics are needed as well. As an advertising tool, organizations can save a lot of money in making them.

For Ease of Distribution

Racks cards are small and compact. This makes them easy to carry around by distributors. This in turn allows companies to carry and distribute them in all sorts of places to hand out to potential customers.

To Inform

Rack cards contain informative content that readers can look through to learn what businesses are currently advertising. The best part is, that the content is small yet still informative enough to fit in the card’s width and height. This keeps it short and sweet.

To Attract Customers

Its easy to remember things when they easily catch the eye. Rack cards are compact and easy to carry, and with their colorful graphic mockups, they can attract people to check their contents. Not only that, but it also gets them interested in checking out what businesses are advertising.

What’s In A Rack Card? Parts?

Name And Logo

Start your rack card with the name and logo of your business. This will help readers understand right away what they will be reading about.


Get creative with photos and images that feature in your rack cards.

Advertisement Details

This would be the meat of your content. Here is where you add the information and details of the product/service you wish to advertise.

Business Details

Details such as contact number, location, payment methods, and opening hours must be added to the rack cards, so readers know how to reach out if they wish to.

Call To Action

Ending your rack card with a call to action is recommended as this can encourage readers to reach out or buy what you are selling.

what’s in a rack card parts

How To Design A Rack Card?

1. Choose a Rack Card Size.

2. Decide the purpose of the rack card.

3. Select the Rack Card Template.

4. Choose the design and layout.

5. Add images.

6. Add content and download it.

If you want to create rack cards in other file formats, check out these helpful articles:

how to design a rack card

Rack Card Vs. Announcement

Rack cards are used for advertising businesses and are found in places with many people.

On the other hand, as its name suggests, announcements are promotion tools used to inform readers of an upcoming event.

What’s the Difference Between a Rack Card, Business Cards, and Greeting Cards?

A rack card is found in places with significant traffic and is a small compact piece of paper used to advertise businesses.

Business cards are small pieces of rectangular paper, mainly the size of a person’s palm, which display a person’s name, number, and work/business/services details.

As its name suggests, a greeting card is a piece of paper with a custom graphic showing a greeting and a creative background design.

Rack Card Sizes

4 x 9 is the most common size for all rack card sizes. The rest are usually custom or made in sizes similar to the former. Below is a list of the most used sizes.

rack card sizes

Rack Card Ideas & Examples

Take a look at our collection of Rack Card Ideas so that you can find inspiration for your next designs.


How to make a rack card?

To make a rack card, open a designing tool such as or InDesign, select a template, add your content, and hit print.

What is a rack card in marketing?

Rack card marketing is an advertising strategy and tool to promote products and services to the public.

Why is it called a rack card?

It is called a rack card because it is usually displayed on racks where high traffic is present.

How to design a captivating rack card?

To design a captivating rack card, you must make an eye-catching layout, color scheme, and visuals for your material.

How rack cards can get your business noticed?

Whether you are a physician or a shopkeeper, rack cards can give your audience quick information about your business, allowing them to notice and remember your brand, products, and services in the long run.

How to design a custom rack card on a Mac?

To design a custom rack card on a Mac, go to and download a format compatible with Mac, then start organizing your material.

How do you make a rack card in Word?

Open a Word document and design your layout to resemble a rack card.

How to design your own rack card in Photoshop?

Open the Photoshop application on your device and add your rack card template to start designing it.

What info should be on a rack card?

Information, such as name, contact information, images, and advertisement details of the company or individual advertising, should be seen on every rack card.

What to include on a restaurant rack card?

You should include food photos, quick details about the dish, and information about the restaurant’s opening hours on a rack card.

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