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What is the Restaurant Rack Card?

In the context of business, advertisement and publicity are the two crucial things. You can use any strategy for increasing the popularity of your services. Rack Cards are one of them. They are promotional cards that range in size from 4 to 9 inches and contains advertisements for your restaurant, the services, the menu, etc.

At, we have kept in mind all these features and prepared rack card templates for you. Customize and prepare appealing cards without having to burn the midnight oil.

How to Make a Restaurant Rack Card?

There is no one single way to do this. You can make Rack Cards the way you think it will best attract your customers. However, some general ideas might help you to make a correct and appealing card design bringing the correct customers for yourself. These include:

Step 1: Good Quality Pictures

You must use the correct pictures for your rack card. It could be pictures of your restaurant, the kind of cuisine you specialize in, something related to the offers you are giving out, etc. Make sure the picture is complete, clear, and relevant. Try to use the highest-quality graphic and design since the cards are small and need to be appealing.

Step 2: Add Information

The information you provide regarding the restaurant service, cuisine, and offers must be complete. Highlight the ongoing deals for an instant invitation. Do not forget to provide information regarding the location of the restaurant and your contact information.

Step 3: Do Final Check

After completing all the tasks like adding pictures, content, and designing the layout, make sure to recheck the card twice or thrice. It will save you from publishing and distributing faulty cards. When you are advertising your restaurant, committing any mistake is a big deal in the eyes of your patrons.

Ste 4: Proper Printing

Now, get ready for printing your restaurant cards. Make sure you leave some space on the edges for cutting and printing purposes. Do not print on the sides as there are chances of the information getting cut out during shaping the rack cards. Decide whether it is going to be bi-fold or tri-fold.

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