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Table of Contents

  1. Business Card Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Business Card?
  3. 10 Types of Business Cards
  4. Business Card Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In a Business Card? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Business Card?
  7. Business Card vs. ID Card
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Business Card, Visiting card, and Calling card?
  9. Business Card Sizes
  10. Business Card Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Business Card

Business Cards

Business cards are among the first used materials in setting up a good impression in a business environment. Know what it takes to create quality and creative business cards and how to do it right with ease by reading the full article below.

Business Card Definition & Meaning

A business card is a small card, usually in a pocket or card size, containing contact information and business information.

A business card is used for communication, networking, and as a way to present business information professionally.

What Is a Business Card?

Business cards are an information and communication tool that contains the contact details of a business or a business representative. Business cards are usually made out of thick special paper in a pocket or card size that displays a business name, address, website, contact information, business representative’s name, job title, contact details, and other relevant business info. This card plays an important role in the business scene all over the world.

10 Types of Business Cards

Regardless of the business, business cards play a significant role in the business world, there are many different types and kinds of business cards in the market. Below are some of the business card types that you usually come across. Get to know each of them on the list below:

Construction Business Card

Construction business cards present your company to future customers and contractors and contain details of the company, such as how to contact, who to contact, and where to go in cases when physical business communication is needed. This type of business card showcases the brand of the construction firm they represent.


Medical Business Card

Medical business cards are used by medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals to provide necessary contact information that allows patients to communicate and contact the medical premise. Doctors, nurses, and physicians may issue them to patients so that they can contact them easily.


IT/Software Business Card

An IT/Software business card is used by IT or software businesses for networking, social events, and reaching more clients. This type of business card usually has a sleek design and does a good job of capturing the brand of a tech company.

free creative software developer business card template

HR Business Card

HR business cards contain information about the company, such as contact person, business phone, website, and other contact details. As its name suggests, they’re used by HR firms, recruitment agencies, HR managers, and other HR professionals.

free modern hr business card template

Fashion Business Card

In the fashion industry, the name is the game, and fashion business cards can certainly help you with that. If you’re a fashion designer or if you work for a fashion company, this is the type of business card you need. Use it to share your contact info with potential clients and business partners.


Agency Business Card

Agency business cards help agency institutions grow by widening their network and reaching more clients. These business cards look very professional and impressive. They help make professionals working in agencies look authoritative and reliable.


Advertising Business Card

Advertising business cards allow you to present your advertising business more profoundly and professionally. With this type of business card, you can hook potential clients easily, especially if it’s well designed and truly shows your unique brand.


Artist Business Card

Artist business cards provide opportunities for artists to earn more gigs, reach clients, widen their scope, and overall grow in the industry. If you’re an artist, you should have this type of business card. With your skills, it shouldn’t be too hard to create one.


Beauty Business Card

The beauty world consists of thousands of businesses, so ensure that you get your name out there by creating and distributing professional yet cool-looking beauty business cards. They typically have feminine aesthetics to appeal to female demographics.

i3 beauty

Services Business Card

Services business card makes it easier for customers to contact service providers and helps the service providers gain new clients, retain the old, and reach more people. If you own a service provider business, you should invest in creating service business cards.


Business Card Uses, Purpose, Importance

Business cards are used in many different ways, serve their purpose in all businesses of all types and kinds, and are an important and handy tool for businesses and individuals. Among its uses, purpose, and importance are the following:


In the business world, business card etiquette is a thing. Handing these cards is a form of respect and is considered good conduct for businesses to do.


Business cards present relevant business contact information. These cards are important carriers of information that can lead to an increase in sales and overall business success.


Business cards are effective personal networking to build a wider business relationships among professionals. They are one of the ways of increasing the number of business opportunities.


This tool is used to physically represent a company through its representative and employees. Business cards are handy branding paraphernalia that should reflect the company’s or the individual’s image.


Business cards establish trust in the business. Since the giving of business cards is partnered with personal conversation, and business touches, such as handshakes or bows, these cards can grow the trust in both parties.

What’s In a Business Card? Parts?

Name of the Individual or Organization

The name of the person, business, or business representative must be evident on the business card.

Contact Information

Contact information, such as phone number, email address, website, social media account (if there are any), address, and other relevant contact details must also be included.


A logo visually represents a business. Since this is paraphernalia for marketing and communication, consistent branding and the logo must be present on business cards.

whats in a business card parts

How to Design a Business Card?

1. Choose a Business Card Size

2. Decide the purpose of the business card.

3. Select a Business Card Template

4. Add the necessary details

5. Make the design unique

You may also refer to this article on how to create business cards in a different file format:

  1. How to Make Business Cards in Word

how to design a business card

Business Card vs. ID Card

A business card contains essential business contact information, used for dissemination, communication, and networking.

An ID or identification card contains one’s identity and personal information and allows people to identify you, be used on the company premise, and in other important places for the legitimacy of identity.

What’s the Difference Between a Business Card, Visiting card, and Calling card?

A business card conveys essential business information, such as the contact details of the company and the company representative with the main purpose of representing and introducing the company to someone.

Visiting card is a more personal version of a business card and contains the personal contact information of the person, and not much about the business; its sole purpose is to give one’s personal contact information to another.

A calling card is another term for visiting card, which contains the personal contact information of the professional and is used to provide contact details for easier communication and building a good and stable network.

Business Card Sizes

Business card sizes are among the important elements that businesses need to consider in making their own. A business card comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your creativity and branding. However, there are industry standards that are commonly used by many. The standard business card sizes are:

business card sizes

Business Card Ideas & Examples

Upon searching for business cards on the web, you are exposed to different kinds, types, examples, and ideas about this tool. Below are among the no-buzz business ideas that you can use:


Why is a business card important?

Business cards are important because it acts as introductory material to your business.

What is a digital business card?

Digital business cards are e-business card or business card that is not printed but can be accessed online.

What type of card is a business card?

A business card is an informational card that contains essential contact and business information.

What information should be on business cards?

A business card must contain the name of the individual, organization, or company representative and contact details like email address, website, mobile or telephone number, logo, and address.

What business card size is best for your business?

The standard business card sizes are 3.5″ × 2″ in the US and 3.37″ × 2.12″ in the UK.

What software to use to make a business card?

There are different software available to make business cards, such as

What are the dimensions of a business card?

The standard dimensions of a business card are 3.5″ for the length and 2″ for the width.

What to put on a personal business card?

Personal information like name, job title, and contact details, such as email address and mobile number.

What is a sandwich business card?

A sandwich business card is a standard business card with a colored insert.

What are the measurements of a standard business card?

The standard measurement of a business card is 3.5″ × 2″.

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