Table Tents

Table tents are often displayed on the tables of restaurants, shops, and other establishments. They’re effective material for spreading information about a business, product, service, or event, which is why you can see many of them.

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Table Tent Definition & Meaning

A table tent is a piece of stock-folded paper shaped to stand on its own on top of counters and table tops and is printed with information regarding certain products, services, and events.

It is a printed marketing or advertising tool meant for display on counters and tabletops in places with high visibility and foot traffic.

What Is a Table Tent?

A table tent is a rectangular (triangular on the sides) piece of stock-folded paper that businesses and vendors print to promote their products and services. Its layout typically has two pages separated on both sides filled with information and graphic design elements such as the company logo.

10 Types of Table Tent

Restaurant Table Tent

Restaurant table tents are the most common type of table tents. If you visit your nearest restaurant or cafe, chances are they have table tents displayed on their dining tables. They ostentatiously display the brand of a restaurant and often promote specialty menus and seasonal discounts. They’re like miniature 20*30 ft. restaurant billboards or 6 ft. standees.

restaurant table tent

Menu Table Tent

As the name suggests, menu table tents are mini standee menus placed on top of dinner tables. Restaurants, catering services, and formal events with formal dinner setups use this type of table tent. Menu table tents often have elegant, classy designs befitting fine dining atmospheres.

menu table tent

Card Table Tent

Card table tents are typically shorter than other types of table tents. They contain minimal information, most likely just the name, logo, contact number, and mail address of a company or person such as a business consultant or a fitness trainer so they’re easier to call. Like most other table tents, they also have eye-catching designs and are usually set on top of tables and counters.

card table tent

Food Truck Table Tent

Food truck table tents are just restaurant table tents but for food truck businesses. Owners of food trucks display these on their counters and windows to inform customers of their future promos and specialties. Food truck table tents have fancy designs and have colors in line with the business brand that also look good digitally on computer and phone screens.

food truck table tent

Wedding Table Tent

Wedding table tents are essentially menu table tents or menu folders made for weddings. Their designs are elegant and romantic and usually have a white or pinkish background. Also, their text uses fancy font styles, especially when it comes to the names of the bride and groom on the front page. If you’re a wedding organizer, you should be knowledgeable about wedding table tent designs.

wedding table tent

Wine Table Tent

Wine table tents can be found at wine party events and displayed on top of round cocktail tables. Their main purpose is to invite people to buy a bottle of wine or at least try one sip of the wine itself. The design of wine table tents usually has a dark, ambient feel like the darkish red color of wines.

wine table tent

Pizza Table Tent

Pizza table tents have this knack of making you crave pizza because of the mouth-watering pizza photos they feature. If you own a pizza place, you should invest in pizza table tents to gain more customers and keep the regular ones coming back. This type of table tent usually includes info about a certain pizza’s price, ingredients, toppings, and available add-ons.

pizza table tent

Concert Table Tent

Concert table tents are used to promote upcoming concerts of well-known singers and bands. They’re displayed in any establishment or public place with tables and counters like a tabletop sign with a holder made of wood. If you’re an event organizer of concerts, you can add concert table tents to your list of advertising tools. You can conveniently create one using Adobe Illustrator.

concert table tent

Birthday Party Table Tent

Birthday party table tents are used by birthday event organizers to promote their services. These table tents show the details of the service provider’s inclusions, such as venue rent preparations, catering, free costume rentals, and more. And also, they’re made beautifully as a way of convincing potential clients to inquire about the services.

birthday party table tent

School Table Tent

School table tents are displayed on the counters and dining tables in school cafeterias. They show a list of the school’s daily or weekly lunch menu for the student to see. Usually, they have basic, simple designs on every inch with images of the dishes to be served.

school table tent

Table Tent Uses, Purpose, Importance

For many years, companies across different industries have taken advantage of the benefits offered by table tents. If you’re strongly considering adopting the use of such material, it’s essential to know their importance. So, let’s discuss the uses, purpose, and importance of table tents.

Promote New Products and Services

Many printed marketing tools promote new products and services, such as flyers, posters, and brochures. They are the primary choice of most business owners for advertisements but note that table tents are just as good as them. And since table tents are displayed in a high-visibility area, more people can discover your new product or service when you use them.

Keep Regular Customers

Customers who regularly visit your store are likely looking for something new in your business. So with table tents on your counters showing your latest offers, you’re sure to grab their interest, and in return, you get to keep them in your customer base. The possibility of repeat business is among the benefits of using table tents.

Boost Upsells

Upsells can help grow your revenue exponentially. Table tents are great tools to boost upsells by using them to advertise your product/service add-ons and other premium offers. With captivating and inviting table tent designs, you’ll be able to encourage customers to make more purchases.

Announce Events

Table tents are commonly used to announce certain events. These events could be concerts, business conventions, festivals, promos, seminars, forums, and more. Table tents used for announcements are effective in attracting hundreds or even thousands of people to attend.

Display Useful Information

Table tents are excellent material for displaying useful information. You can use them to detail instructions about how to apply for a job, make a purchase, or any process to guide the readers. Once displayed on tabletops, they’ll be hard to miss and their target audience will be able to absorb the essential info.

What’s in a Table Tent? Parts?

Company Name and Logo

Your company name and logo must be present in your table tents. Without them, it won’t be clear to the audience who to contact or to inquire about your product, service, or event. Note that your company name and logo are typically found at the heading of the table tent.

Product/Service Information

Info about your product or service is the most important part of a table tent because that’s what it’s promoting. Details about its pricing, features, and other inclusions must be present in the table tent.


Though not all table tents have images, they add depth to a table tent which is why we recommend that you merge them with your own table tents. Your photos should pop and showcase your product’s appearance or a preview of your services in action since they make table tents more compelling and eye-catching.


The background design makes a table tent look livelier and more catchy. Both light and dark background colors work fine as long as they glorify the other contents of the table tent.

what’s in a table tent parts

How to Design a Table Tent?

1. Choose a table tent size.

2. Identify the purpose of the table tent.

3. Select the right table tent template.

4. Incorporate your brand by adding the company name and logo.

5. Insert images of your products and services.

6. Encode detailed info about your offers.

7. Finalize and print using high-quality paper materials.

how to design a table tent

Table Tents vs. Place Cards

Table tents are adverting material set on top of counters and tables inside business establishments and public spaces.

Place cards are pieces of folded paper placed on top of desks or a certain portion of tables bearing a person’s printed name.

What’s the Difference Between a Table Tent, Menu, and Tent Card?

A table tent is a piece of folded paper with detailed information about a product, service, or event and is displayed on tabletops.

A menu is a piece of paper or cardboard used by restaurants with a printed list of their available dishes, typically with images.

A tent card is smaller than a table tent card that outlines information about a company, person, single product, or service.

Table Tent Sizes

In terms of shape, table tents have three types: Standard A-Frame Table Tent, Standing Triangle, and Pyramid Tent. Know each of the table tent sizes by checking out the table below.

table tent sizes

Table Tent Ideas & Examples

Table tents can be challenging to build and will require some creative skills. But with references and sources of inspiration, you can design one easily. With that said, check out these excellent table tent ideas.

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What designs look best in an acrylic table tent?

Any design can look good in an acrylic table tent as long as its graphic and visual elements are well placed.

What is a table tent menu?

A table tent menu is a type of table tent that shows a list of a restaurant’s dishes like a traditional menu.

What custom printing options work on table tents?

For one, you can print your table tent using acrylic instead of traditional paper, and you can choose between Standard A-Frame, Standing Triangle, and Pyramid Tent.

How are table tents assembled?

Table tents are assembled by folding them in a way that they can stand on their own; they’re folded into a triangle or pyramid with a square or rectangular bottom as their base.

What is a wedding table tent?

Wedding table tents are table tents found on the tabletops of wedding reception venues, and they’re usually used as wedding menus.

What information is required on the table tent cards?

Table tent cards must have your company name, logo, and contact details so that customers can easily reach out to you.

How do I request a table tent reservation?

Contact the establishment days before your planned visit to secure a reservation.

Where can I have my table tents printed?

You can have your table tents printed in the nearest printing services shop or do it yourself if you have the right printing equipment.

What is a table tent in a restaurant?

In restaurants, a table tent is a mini standee you see on dinner tables promoting a special dish or seasonal discount.

What is a promotional tent card?

Promotional tent cards are like miniature versions of table tents and are also used for advertising new products/services and other fresh offerings.

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