80+ Best Newsletter Templates 2018


With marketing and advertising being the key for most companies to attract customers and enhance their revenues, they resort to different methods. Sharing newsletters is one such method and is quite an interesting one. Its colored pages, interesting layout and capturing content is highly appreciated by the customers and the organization gets a chance to educate them about what it has to offer. However, designing a good newsletter is easier said than done. But thanks to the best newsletter templates available online, this has definitely become a tad easy.

Free Business Email Newsletter

free business email newsletter Free Download

Free Corporate Email Newsletter

free corporate email newsletter Free Download

Fashion Email Newsletter Template

fashion email newsletter template Free Download

Photography Email Newsletter

photography email newsletter Free Download

Product Email Newsletter

product email newsletter Free Download

Travel Email Newsletter Template

travel email newsletter template Free Download

Restaurant Email Newsletter

restaurant email newsletter Free Download

Free Wedding Email Newsletter

free wedding email newsletter Free Download

Marketing Email Newsletter

marketing email newsletter Free Download

Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter

monthly real estate email newsletter Free Download

Real Estate Email Newsletter Template

real estate email newsletter Free Download

Sales Email Newsletter

sales email newsletter Free Download

Business Newsletter Indesign

business newsletter indesignAs the name suggests, a business newsletter is mainly used by business houses and organizations to share important information with their clients and customers. It has a professional look and comprises of content as well as images. Though these can be designed with the help of a graphic designer, you can also do this yourself by using the business newsletter template. Designed by professionals, these look very attractive and you can easily customize these and fill in your information.

Eco Newsletter Template

eco newsletterA4 Page views are supported in addition to the CS4 compatibility for the professionals and a fully editable and customizable interface.

Business Company Profile Template

business company profile templateThis newsletter template facilitates better profiling by letting the professionals select compatible designs alongside a featured icon set.

Proposal Newsletter Template

informd %e2%80%93 newsletter template

A utilitarian theme which includes layered templates alongside an innovative color scheme for the designers to make use of in addition to the multiple paper sizes.

Multipurpose Newsletter Template

newsletter volThe main features associated with this theme include the A4 page viewing options alongside scalable letter sizes in addition to a responsive layout.

Real Estate Newsletter Template

real estate newsletter templateReal estate agencies use newsletters to let their clients know about the different properties that are up for sale or rent. The agents usually mail these newsletters to their old clients as well the prospective ones. These can be designed without any professional help with the use of real estate newsletter templates. Creatively designed, these can be easily customized by changing the theme, the color scheme, fonts etc and then adding in the details.

Product Newsletter Template

newsletter templateA theme which comes with one option cover and multiple page viewing options for the professionals in addition to a print ready interface!

Medical Newsletter Template

medical newsletterA medical newsletter is usually sent out by a hospital to its patients informing them about the new developments in the field of medicine and the new facilities added to the hospital. Many people read these newsletters with complete devotion, which is why utmost care should be taken when designing these. If you cannot come up with some interesting design ideas, use a medical newsletter template which works just as fine. This is designed by professionals and can be easily customized to meet your requirements.

Music Event Newsletter Template

music eventSet up any musical event with seamless ease on adding this theme to the concerned website which features innovative graphical illustrations.

Medical Newsletter or Magazine

medical newsletter or magazine2 cover pages are included whereas the CS4 compatibility makes this theme an extremely resourceful one in addition to the organized PSD layers.

Coffee Time Newsletter Template

coffeeA descriptive newsletter template which comes along with exciting graphical illustrations and a print ready interface for the hardcore professionals!

Nutritionist & Dietician Newsletter Template

nutritionist dieticianGet the best financial planning done for your website with this theme which includes multiple color schemes in addition to an interactive layout.

Financial Planning & Consulting Newsletter

financial planning consultingThe main features include a print ready interface in addition to the changeable colors and contrast levels for the designers to make use of.

Daycare Center Newsletter Template

daycare centerA professional theme which integrates the utilitarian nature of the same with graphical inclusions and multiple color schemes for the designers.

Fabulous Newsletter Template for Free

fabulousAn exciting theme which provides multiple templates and innovative font sets alongside software showcasing schemes and a highly responsive layout.

Investment Company Newsletter Template

investment companyA theme which enhances the email marketing prowess with innovative features like color selections and artworks into the mix for the hardcore professionals.

Corporate Business Newsletter Template

corporate business

This theme showcases layered PSD files in addition to the multiple color schemes and the print ready interface alongside exciting page viewing options.

Flow Newsletter Template Download

flowKeeps the brand name alive with an exciting feature set including a customizable interface and the all inclusive textual support for the designers!

Tax Accounting Services Newsletter

tax accounting servicesCloud support is provided with this theme which also showcases custom web forms with an automated interface in addition to the digital marketing schemes.

Free Cyber Monday Newsletter Template

cyber mondayLook into the sporting events with exceptional ease on adding these template pack supporting editable options and unlimited color schemes.

Interior Designer Newsletter Template

interior designerThis theme showcases exceptional resourcefulness as better color schemes and scalable graphics are included into the mix alongside a customizable layout.

Small Business Newsletter Template

small business saturdayThis theme pack comes along with multiple features like customizable fonts and icons in addition to the Corel Draw support.

Newsletter of Financial Planner

financial plannerA theme which comes along with the template builder in addition to a retina ready interface for the professionals alongside an extensive email support!

Free Newsletter Template Sample

free newsletter template sampleBe it the general business or other utilities, this theme showcases extreme resourcefulness on including vibrant backgrounds and thematic designs.

Investment Securities Company Newsletter

investment securities companyIn comes a customizable theme pack which is added with innovative features like multiple color schemes, scalable layout and graphical illustrations.

Newsletter Templates for Holidays

newsletter templates for holidaysMeant for the innovative websites which look to add certain descriptive suggestions in addition to the varied color schemes and predefined layouts!

Real Estate Home for Sale Newsletter

real estate home for saleA mobile friendly interface is provided by this theme in addition to the flexible modular approach and a compatible client base for the designers.

Multipurpose Business Newsletters

multipurpose business newslettersSolve the business associated queries on adding this theme along which includes vibrant color schemes alongside an editable interface for the designers.

Newsletter Templates for Sports

newsletter templates for sportsGraphical templates are supported by this theme which also incorporates predefined layouts and email marketing options for the enthusiastic users.

Versatile Newsletter Template

versatileThis theme comes with a built-in template creator whereas the ready campaign monitor and mail chimp support add to the resourcefulness of the same.

Health Insurance Company Newsletter Template

health insurance companyThis theme pack comes along with a mobile ready interface and is compatible with multiple user platforms in addition to a customizable layout.

Education Foundation & School Newsletter

education foundation schoolAdd this theme into the website functioning for enhancing the resourcefulness with custom color schemes and a fully editable interface.

6 Pages Newsletter Template

6 pages newsletterA newsletter template which supports unlimited color codes in addition to a responsive layout which is compatible with multiple platforms.

Retinadore Email Newsletter Template

retinadoreWith all the tested modules, this theme comes along as a resourceful option for the professionals in addition to the email ready layout and the template builder.

Modern Business Newsletter Template

modern businessA theme which is exceptionally utilitarian and includes vibrant color schemes in addition to the featured graphical interface and email support.

Blue and Yellow Newsletter Template

blue and yellow newsletter templateOne can make room for exciting backgrounds and changeable colors with this theme which also showcases a template builder for the designers to implement.

Customizable Newsletter Template

newsletter volThis theme is exceptionally useful and comprises of a mobile ready interface in addition to the flexible CSS tab and the mail chimp editor.

Computer Solutions Newsletter Template

computer solutionsOne responsive theme which includes cross browser compatibility in addition to the customizable interface and a mobile ready platform for the designers!

4 Page A4 and US NewsLetter Healthy Living

4 page a4 and us letter healthy livingOne can add this theme pack for enhancing the way a website looks in addition to the scalable layout and multiple color schemes.

Technology Consulting Newsletter Template

technology consulting newsletter templateMultiple photos and artworks are included in addition to a highly responsive layout and a fully editable interface for the hardcore professionals.

Sweet17 Clean Newsletter Template

sweet17This theme pack showcases a full gamut with exciting fonts and featured icon sets for the designers in addition to the editable interface.

Urban Travel Newsletter Template

urban travelTemplate builder support is provided in addition to a highly responsive layout which also includes a modern layout and a customizable interface.

Blue Business Newsletter Template

business newsletter vol viiMake room for some innovative page components with this theme added along which showcases multiple features like customized icons and a scalable layout.

Business Solutions Consultant Newsletter

business solutions consultantThis theme incorporates a mobile friendly interface with repeatable modules and fully tested templates for the designers to make use of.

Modern Industrial Design Newsletter Template

modern industrial designThis utilitarian theme incorporates sleek and modern designs in addition to a highly responsive layout and multiple color selections for the designers.

Church Youth Ministery Newsletter Template

church youth ministeryA theme which is especially drafted for the professionals and comes along with a highly responsive layout and featured font sets!

Market Responsive Newsletter Template

marketIn comes a theme which provides customized support to the professionals in addition to a descriptive layout and vibrant color schemes.

Community Church Newsletter Template

community churchThis is a theme pack which includes multiple font selections alongside a descriptive interface and a highly customizable layout for the professionals.

Management Consulting Newsletter Template

management consultingBeing a theme pack with a difference, this incorporates a built-in template creator for the professionals alongside varied predefined layout schemes.

Landscape Design Newsletter Template

landscape designGet the best images displayed on adding this theme into the website functioning with featured font and icon sets included alongside a responsive interface.

Business Analyst Newsletter Template

business analystIn comes a utilitarian theme which provides authentic graphical illustrations in addition to several predefined layers and a completely customizable layout.

Naturopathic Medicine Newsletter Template

naturopathic medicineAdd this theme pack into the mix for including innovative features like retina ready designs and illustrators alongside a descriptive interface.

Exim Email Newsletter Template

eximA template which showcases a vibrant background in addition to multiple color schemes and scalable options for the enthusiastic designers!

 Multiformat Newsletter Template

multiformat newsletter template

Corporate Identity Newsletter Template

corporate identity newsletter template

Coping with Stress Newsletter

coping with stress newsletter

Printready Newsletter Template

printready newsletter template

E-Mailer Newsletter Template

e mailer newsletter template

E-shop Newsletter Template

e shop newsletter template

Fashion Print Newsletter Template

fashion print newsletter template

Newsletter Design Template Download

newsletter design template download

Pride Newsletter Template

pride newsletter template

Business Newsletter Modern Template

business newsletter modern template

Adobe Indesign Newsletter Template

adobe indesign newsletter template

Vancouver Financial Newsletter Template

vancouver financial newsletter template

4 Sales E-mail Newsletter Templates

4 sales e mail newsletter templates

Elegant Corporate Newsletter Template

elegant corporate newsletter template

Financial Newsletter Template

financial newsletter template

Multipurpose Print Newsletter TemplateMultipurpose Print Newsletter Template

When do you need Best Newsletter Templates

  • When you want to add a personal touch to the newsletter
  • When you low on budget or running short of time to hire a designer
  • When you want to use newsletter designs which follow the current trend
  • When you want to create a positive impression on your customers

Benefits of Best Newsletter Templates

  • Designed by professionals, these are extremely attractive and are in sync with the latest trends
  • These are specially designed to house in enough information and images
  • These can be easily customized as per the requirement of the user

How to Design a Newsletter

Before designing the newsletter it would be a good idea to get some insight from experts as to the kind of information and images that should be added to it. Make sure to choose a design that suits the mindset of the people for whom it is intended. Break down the content into smaller parts by using headings and sub-headings, as this would make it more readable.


We have a wide range of best newsletter templates to choose from. These are easily customizable and ready to be printed out. Available in both PDF and MS Word format, these are compatible with all devices. We are open to making any changes to our templates in order to meet your requirements. So, feel free to send a query or contact us.

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