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435+ Agreement Templates – Word, PDF

Planning to make the move towards a successful business partnership? Want to make an agreement with the tenant regarding house rental purpose? Or do you want to make agreement with someone in context to compensation claim? Whatever might be the scenario, you could download the best formats from our website. Create the most convincing agreement format using our agreement template. Download some of the best agreement templates for free from our portal in excel, word, or PDF format.

1039+ FREE & Premium Agreement Word Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Agreement Between Two Parties for Money Template

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Agreement Between Owner and Contractor Template

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Assignment Agreement Template

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Board Resolution Authorizing The President To Renew Employment Agreement

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> Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Non-disclosure agreement is basically a one-way or unilateral agreement. Here, a party undertakes the responsibility to keep certain informative material being disclosed by some other parties totally confidential. Download out non-disclosure agreement template in word, pdf, or excel format that comes with basic confidential guideline and some cool formatting and structural uniqueness. [ 14+ Non Disclosure Agreement Template]

Lease Agreement Template

Lease agreement is basically a contractual settlement between the tenant and landlord to rent a property, commercial or residential. Leasing is more appropriate with commercial spaces for businesses. Using our lease agreement template, you would be able to perfectly make agreements regarding the purpose of lease, tax payer’s details, period of lease, and scenarios post lease period. The template could be downloaded in word, excel, and PDF. [15 + Lease Agreement Template]

Rental Agreement Template

Drafting rental agreement by your own may well be difficult. It could be extremely expensive to take professional legal help. You can download our rental agreement template in word, excel, or PDF format and get it customized as per the needs. The template comes with sample draft structure which could be customized accordingly. [20 + Rental Agreement Template]

Loan Agreement Template

Use out loan agreement template to decide on the repayment process of the loan. There is a proper drafting that lets lender decide on various options for loan payment like paying it on monthly basis, yearly basis, or some kind of lump sum payment after a certain period. The template can be downloaded in PDF, Word, or Excel format. [11 + Loan Agreement Template]

Purchase Agreement Template

Purchase agreement is basically used for transferring some kind of personal property to the buyer. The agreement should feature information about the property in details along with the warranty terms and conditions. Use our purchase agreement template to draft the agreement in the most convincing manner. It is available in Excel, Word, as well PDF format for free download. [12 + Purchase Agreement Template]

Confidentiality Agreement Template

Confidentially agreement or nondisclosure agreement or simply NDA is basically a legal binding contract that would allow a person or some kind of business to treat some kind of information as trade secret while ensuring non-disclosure of such without suitable authorization. Our confidentiality agreement template can be downloaded in Excel, PDF, and Word format. [8 + Confidentiality Agreement Template]

Non-Compete Agreement Template

Use our non-compete agreement template to create a contract that suggests an employee’s non agreement to compete against the employer. Our templates can be downloaded in word, excel, and pdf file format. This agreement may well be area or region specific. The terms and conditions would differ largely from one company to another. [10 + Non-Compete Agreement Template]

Partnership Agreement Template

To carryout partnership, it is necessary to take legal steps through proper agreements. Using the right kind of partnership agreement template, it would become possible to have perfect partnership agreement between two parties. Use our partnership agreement template in word, pdf, or excel and get the proceedings carried out using the sample yet effective drafting format. [12 + Partnership Agreement Template]

Operating Agreement Template

Once a limited liability based organization is created, it becomes essential to define the operating agreement in order to identify with company’s operating terms while signifying the legal responsibilities and rights. You can download out readymade operating agreement template to draft the content with minimal modification. These templates could be downloaded in pdf, word, and excel format. [10 + Operating Agreement Template]

Consulting Agreement Template

A Consulting Agreement is basically an agreement by an expert or consultant for providing some professional or consulting services. It is a legal agreement about the nature of working relationship between researchers in a research project. It should be signed before the projects starts. It specifies the determination of the parties to share various data, research materials and facilities, and for publishing research findings.

We have various Consulting contracts and agreements in our websites, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. You can download them absolutely at free of cost. [10 + Consulting Agreement Template]

> Service Agreement Template

A Service Agreement is an agreement, which is used to document the transaction where the seller provides a service to the buyer. These agreements are appropriate for advertising service, testing service, consulting service, marketing service and others. In this agreement the particular aspects of the service like scope, quality, responsibilities, etc are agreed between seller and the buyer.

Overview our various Service Agreements in our websites, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. You can customise our agreements and quickly print and download for free. [10 + Service Agreement Template]

Sublease Agreement Template


A Sublease Agreement is an agreement, which is used when some real property is given on rent. The sublessor and the subtenant should sign and fulfil the terms and conditions as described in the agreement.

If you need a Sublease Agreement for your property, then feel free to download our agreements, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. [10 + Sublease Agreement Template]

Hold Harmless Agreement

It is an agreement in which one party agrees to hold responsibility of the other party for any liability or damage that occurred during the transaction. When someone is servicing for you or using your property then this agreement allows both party to limit their legal liabilities.

You can create your own Hold Agreement to get these terms in writing, which will protect yourself from the unforeseen legal claims. Download our Hold agreements in our websites for free, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. [13 + Hold Harmless Agreement]

Payment  Plan Agreement

It is mainly an outline of the important terms and conditions of a loan. It contains payment periods, amounts, and rate of interests of a transaction. If you want to lend or borrow money then Payment Agreement will serve you as your detailed receipt of the loan.

Download our Payment Agreement templates, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. Simply fill the blanks and take a print in minutes. [21 + Payment Plan Agreement]

Roommate Agreement Template

Roommate Agreement is needed when you are moving in with your roommate or you get a new roommate, to make everything civil. Many things are there to be sorted out when you actually have a roommate like who’s getting the master bedroom, who should clean today, what’s the share of rent.etc.

Having a roommate is basically a way to save money. Visit our website and download our different types of Roommate Agreements, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. [10 + Roommate Agreement Template]

Employee Agreement Template

An Employment Agreement is a kind of agreement used in labour law for the rights and responsibilities between the company and its employees. A good recruitment process ensures good employment relationships, and reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

A written document must be present with every employee, which must be signed by the employee and the employer both. We have various collections of Employment in word, excel and PDF format. Download and fill the blanks absolutely at free of cost, to make your employment relationship better. [10 + Employee Agreement Template]

Separation Agreement Template

It is an agreement which helps you to start thinking about the various discussions and negotiations regarding your divorce or separation

Download our stylish Separation Agreement, and separate quickly and cleanly without giving large fees. Our agreements are all present in word, excel and PDF format, which can be downloaded and edited at free of cost. [10 + Separation Agreement]

Sales Agreement Template

It is basically used to state clearly the terms and conditions between the two parties during sales or purchase of a physical item. It helps in committing the customer to buy a product in a certain quantity for some special prices and discounts.

Visit our website and download our various collections of Sales Agreement, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. Don’t forget to fill the details like payment type, deposit, the product sold, the quantity, etc. [10 + Sales Agreement Template]

Contractor Agreement Template

A Contractor Agreement basically governs the relationship between a company and his contractor. This agreement should be signed by the company and the client both to make it effective.

Download and print our Contract Agreement samples for free, which are present in word, excel and PDF format. You can also customise and built your own contractor agreement in minutes within our website. [10 + Contractor Agreement Template]

Custody Agreement Template

When the custody of a property or of a child comes up, Custody Agreement is signed between two parties or more.Therefore, if you are searching for a template for property or child custody agreement, you can select and download from our various collection of Custody Agreement available in word, excel and pdf formats and consult a lawyer before you proceed. [10 + Custody Agreement Template]

Buy Sell Agreement Template

However big or small the property may be, this agreement is signed as an understanding between a buyer and a seller. It shows the proof of transfer of the property from the old to the new owner.

You can download our free templates available with us in word, excel and pdf formats and consult your lawyer to proceed ahead. [10 + Buy Sell Agreement Template]

Prenuptial Agreement Template


A legal agreement signed between two engaged people, a marriage contract signed regarding the ownership relating to finance, assets, children etc. , so that they do not have any legal issues later in case if the marriage ends in divorce or separation.

Download our free prenuptial Agreement available formats in word, excel or pdf. Hire a good lawyer to move ahead safeguard the security of your future. [10 + Prenuptial Agreement Template]

Joint Venture Agreement Template

A Joint Venture Agreement is an agreement signed between business partners to broaden, advance, within a terminable time, a brand new thing and new properties by additional integrity.

We have tons of templates with us. Just download the one suitable most to you either in word, excel or pdf format, and fill it. Consult a lawyer and go ahead. [13 + Joint Venture Agreement Template]

Settlement Agreement Template

This is a compulsory agreement signed between the employer and the employee either at the end when the employee completes his notice period or at the time when the employee is terminated from his job.

You should check out our ready to use Settlement Agreement Template for quick and easy settlement. [13 + Settlement Agreement Template]

Subcontractor Agreement Template

It is an agreement signed between the contractor and the one hired as a subcontractor. It includes understanding the type of job or work the subcontractor is hired.

Get hold of one of the templates from our numerous Subcontractor Agreement Templates. You will find them in word, excel and pdf formats. [10 + Subcontractor Agreement Template]

License Agreement Template

An agreement signed between a licensee and the licensor whereby the licensee is given the rights to produce and sell products or goods by using the trademark or brand name of the licensor.

Download our free templates, samples, examples etc and use the best suitable for you. They are available in three formats – word, excel and pdf. [10 + License Agreement Template]

Shareholder Agreement Template

An agreement signed among a business organization’s shareholders. The intention of this agreement is to ensure that the rights of the shareholders are protected and gets fair treatment.

We have numerous templates available in proper formats in word, excel or pdf, where you can just go ahead and download and fill it. Consult a lawyer before signing the agreement. [8 + Shareholder Agreement Template]

Partnership Agreement Template

This agreement is signed when you are starting a business with a partner or two. It covers all the important all the situations that may come up during the period of partnership.

Download our sample, example or proper templates, which you will find in word, excel pr pdf format. [12 + Partnership Agreement Template]

Consignment Agreement Template

This legal agreement happens between a consignor and a consignee agreeing to transfer, storage, sale and resale or of using of the goods or stocks depending on the payment to the consignor signed in the agreement.

Our templates are designed for easy and quick fill up. You can go ahead and download in the available formats in word, excel or pdf. [12 + Consignment Agreement Template]

Memorandum of Agreement Template

MOA is a written document describing cooperative relationship between two parties wanting to work together on a project. To serve your purpose, we design templates which include descriptions of roles, responsibilities, purpose of agreement and payment and duration terms. Download our templates for free in PDF, Word or Excel formats. [10 + Memorandum of Agreement Template]

> Contract Agreement Template

A contract is a written agreement that is intended to be enforceable by law. We offer a wide range of professionally designed contract templates ranging from business to home, and rentals to events. These are available in PDF, Word and Excel formats. Just download the one that suits your requirement. [11 + Contract Agreement Template]

Consultant Agreement Template

To ensure your time is not wasted in creating lengthy Consultant agreements; a contract between consultant and client by means of which client buys services of consultant, we provide you readymade templates PDF, Word and Excel layouts. These envelope subjects like scope of work, copyright, terms, breach of contact clause. [11 + Consultant Agreement Template]

Commission Agreement Template

A Commission agreement is a contract between employer and employee who works on commission basis. We provide templates for free in the form of PDF, Word and Excel. These drafts are your one stop solution for agreements and encompass nature of employment, commencing and termination dates, targets and commission percentages. [12 + Commission Agreement Template]

Legal Agreement Template

A negotiated and legally enforceable understanding between two or more parties is a Legal agreement. Complex in nature, loopholes in agreement can cause serious trouble. Therefore bank upon our qualified templates which are available in PDF, Word and Excel formats, for diverse needs of property, job, business or marriage agreements. [9 + Legal Agreement Template]

> Vendor Agreement Template

We assist small and medium scale vendors in business by providing them specialized and apt Vendor agreement templates in PDF, Word and Excel formats, which include details of goods or services, payment, delivery, and termination terms. Vendor agreement is legal agreement stating work provisions and conditions to be performed by contractor. [12 + Vendor Agreement Template]

Divorce Agreement Template

For clearly defining obligations with spouse during tough divorce, download our Divorce agreement templates in PDF, Word and Excel formats. Divorce agreement is legal document that allows divorcing couples to come to an agreement regarding terms of divorce. Our templates include agreement with respect to alimony, property, children custody, etc. [11 + Divorce Agreement Template]

Investment Agreement Template

If you are entering an Investment agreement, which is formed between a company and investor for selling of shares in company’s capital stock to investor for certain amount. , refer to our templates in PDF, Word or Excel files for guidance regarding warranties, financial information, costs, board representations, confidentiality or exit. [11 + Investment Agreement Template]

>Distribution Agreement Template

Distribution agreement is a contract that defines terms and conditions for distributors to sell products of a supplier. Invisible mistakes in agreement often grow into big errors. To avoid problems during termination, download PDF, Word and Excel files of our researched templates which include supply terms, arrangement and sales territories. [10 + Distribution Agreement Template]

Sponsorship Agreement Template

If you are engaging in Sponsorship agreement, then we have the right aid for you. Sponsorship agreement administers legal relationship between sponsor and those entitled to impose sponsorship commitment. Our proficient templates in PDF, Word and Excel formats include details of event, venue, schedule, and regulation to display corporate signage.[10 + Sponsorship Agreement Template]

Franchise Agreement Template

Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, franchise agreement helps to safeguard and establish the business model as well as clearly define income sharing modalities without any hitches. Some of the important provisions of franchise agreement are territory, operations, training and support, trademark, renewal and also duration.

There are number of templates available. You can check our well structured samples and examples designed in word, excel and PDF formats to get more thoughts, so that you can use them with minimal changes. [10 + Franchise Agreement Template]

HR Agreement Template

With the help of HR agreement, both the company or business and the employee’s interests and company policies are well documented and thereby avoiding any ambiguity between both the parties. The employee matters like payroll, insurance and benefits are well defined also the company goals and employee responsibilities to achieve them are depicted clearly.

From our site, you can download the templates that are available in word, excel and PDF formats and put them into use to suit to your requirements. [15 + HR Agreement Template]

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