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Drafting staff and employee agreements can be challenging if you don’t have the resources that you need in hand. Luckily for you, whether it is an individual or a collective agreement, you can find templates right here to keep you a better idea of what you are trying to put together.An employee agreement samples contains all the information regarding the relationship between your company and the employee in question, and it is important to make sure that not only is all information accurate, but also that it is presented and maintained in the best possible way.

This will help prevent conflicts in the future, and ensure smooth resolution of conflicts in case they should crop up. After all, no one wants to have to use warning letters or complaint letters until they become absolutely necessary. You can also see Employee Agreement Template. It’s a good idea to have a copy of the forms you may need for any particular agreement on hand at all times.

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HR Confidentiality Agreement Template

hr confidentiality agreement template
File Format
  • Google Docs
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  • Pages

Size: A4, US


HR Service Level Agreement Template

hr service level agreement template
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
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Size: A4, US


IT Systems & HR Management Services Agreement Template

it systems hr management services agreement template
File Format
  • Google Docs
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Size: A4, US


Consultative Annual Activity

consaltative annual activity

This form is used by schools to capture information about the staff by the HR department. It assesses if the staff has engaged in any consultative work previously. Download it in the customizable Word file format.For example, you never know when you might need a contract agreement, or one entered into at a later point in time.

These sample Agreement Templates forms are meant to serve only as guidelines, but they can serve as a useful example for you and answer any questions that you may have about the minor details that can, as you know, turn out to be absolutely critical.

Executive Approval to Reappoint

executive approval to reappoint

This PDF file format template is designed to list the individuals to reappoint. It does not apply to those fully funded or funded externally. The form is free to download from this site.

Funding Arrangements for Clinical Academic Position

funding arrangements for clinical academic position

This template is used to make an agreement with an individual being funded to further academics. The Word document contains the name of the individual, the funding amount, practice allowance and responsibility allowance.

Higher Duties Allowance

higher duties allowance

This form is used to engage an employee to handle higher duties. It is laid out in section including the individual details, the job details among other important information. Download it in Word format.

Home Based Work Application

home based work application

With the changes in work environment some work from home. This agreement template is used to sign such employees. It includes the person details, address and the work specifications. Download it in PDF format.

Account Change

account change

In order to amend the details of accounts with the HR department, this form can be used. It is an Excel file format template that includes the current accounts being used for funding and the requested new account.

Application For Reclassification

application for reclassification

This application is used when a person has changed position and needs to have designation, tittles and other details changed. It details the old position and the new one, the school, department and position number. Download it in PDF.

Casual Academic Emplyment Agreement

casual academic employment agreement

When in need to employ a person on temporary terms then this casual academic employment agreement can be used. It is available in Word format and details the position and personal details of the individual.

Claims For Use of Private Vehicle

claims for use of private vehicle

When an employee uses their personal vehicle for the job they can use this form to claim for payment. Download this PDF format template that includes the employee name, vehicle details and the specific journeys taken.

Commencement of Appointement

commencement of appointment

With this commencement of appointment template, the HR department can make an agreement with the new employee. This Word file format includes the person’s name, the position joined and the dates of joining.

Accademic Consulting HR Agreement Template Word Document Free Download

accademic consulting hr agreement template

Employment HR Agreement Template Word Document Free Download

employement hr agreement template

HR Council Agreement Template Document Free Download

hr council agreement template document

Service Level HR Agreement Template PDF Format Free Dowload

service level hr agreement template

We have collected some sample HR Agreement Templates, hope these templates will help you. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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