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An award is an acknowledgement of the achievement or hard work of a particular individual. It is usually awarded to a person in the form of certificates or prizes who has achieved something or has shown exemplary performance in a particular field. For example, at the school level, a student who has proved his mettle in the field of academics or other extra curricular activities is usually awarded in the form of a token at a special awards ceremony.You may see Glorious Award Ceremony Invitation Templates. Similarly, in the corporate world, the performance of an employee is evaluated at the end of the year or the end of the month, and if he has outshone the rest and if his record speaks for itself, he is given an award.The kind of Award Template usually varies. It may be a certificate, a prize or a token.

award template

Simple Award Certificate PDF Document Download

simple award certificate pdf document download

Funny Sports Award Sample PDF Template

funny sports award sample pdf template

Commodity Award Template PDF Format Download

commodity award template pdf format download

Teaching Experience Award Certificate Free PDF Download

teaching experience award certificate free pdf download

Science Achievement Award Printable Certificate PDF Download

science achievement award printable certificate pdf download

Course Completion Certificate MS Word Document Download

course completion certificate ms word document download

The Care Certificate Award Template PDF Format

the care certificate award template pdf format

Salary Certificate PDF Document Download

salary certificate pdf document download

Testing Compliance Certificate Free Word Document Download

testing compliance certificate free word document download

Passenger Innovation Awards Business Idea Template PDF

passenger innovation awards business idea template pdf

Student Award Winning Certificate PSD Download

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Course Completion Certificate Premium Download

course completion certificate premium download

Certificates of Excellence PSD Template Download

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Corporate Certificate Template

corporate certificate template

Premium Fashion Awards Certificate

premium fashion awards certificate

> Types of Award Templates

Creating an award for someone can be a tiresome task. But if you know about the various types of awards given out, you can proceed in a smooth fashion. Awards are mostly in the form of certificates. Some of the most common types of certificate templates are-

Sport Certificate Templates

The whole purpose of participating in sports or games related events is to emerge victorious. After all, we all want to get our hands on the gorgeous trophy and the smart certificate at the end. That is precisely why all sports events have certificates for the winners. If you’re organizing one, why don’t you try out sport certificate templates online? In fact, there are different types of sport certificate templates based on the type of sport.

Academic Certificate Templates

If you’ve managed to top your class or have received the highest marks in your school or college, the authorities usually reward you with a certificate. Such certificates will have your name, and the name of the award you’re receiving along with the name of the institution. A proud moment for both the recipient and the institution. For such occasions, you can take the help of certificate templates online.

General Certificate Templates

General certificates are awarded for all other purposes like churches often award certificates to the members of the parish. Or in your place of work, an employee who has performed well will be receiving an award. These awards are just as valuable and important. In order to design such awards, you can take the help of award templates online.

> Why Should You Use Award Templates?

Receiving an award at an awards ceremony and handing over the certificate in front of every one is an extremely prestigious affair. An award is a highly coveted item, that must be smartly designed and well decorated. Have you ever noticed that all big companies maintain a certain standard when it comes to certificates? Tacky or tasteless certificates could mar your reputation. That is why you should seek professional help. You can save money on the printing of certificates if you just do it yourself. Go online and search for Employee Recognition Awards Template. These certificates templates have been designed keeping in mind the various ways in which a certificate can be used. You can edit the details any how you want, and customize the template to suit your needs. What could be better than that? You can now spend your precious time on something productive, instead of having to worry about the designing of the certificate.

> How To Create Amazing Awards Using Templates?

Creating certificates or awards has become easier now with the best certificate templates. All you have to do is download the templates! First, take into consideration the event. Once you do, you can search for award templates based on the type. You will be greeted with a plethora of options when it comes to such awards. Browse through the collection and shortlist the ones you like. After that, finalize the one you think would go best with your event. Having done that, hit the download button. After you download Award Invitation Templates, edit and customize them. Add the name of the person receiving the award, the name of the institution and why he is being awarded.

> Tips While Using Award Templates

Well done, now that you’ve made the smarter decision of using award templates. They will make your job much easier for you, only if you manage to follow these tips

  • First, you must decide the type of event you’re planning. Is it sports? Or a general event? Or may be it is an award ceremony for school children? Naturally, awards that you’ve prepared for children would not be appropriate for employees of a prestigious organization and vice versa. The award must go with the event.
  • Get your information correct! An award is not an award if you make a mistake in the spelling of the name or the institution. That just ruins the whole purpose. It would help you if you were to prepare a rough draft beforehand.
  • Draw an outline of the award, and organize all the little details you want in the award as you want them. Having done that, you can start inserting them into the certificate.
  • Certificates look best in white. A flawless white certificate with a beautiful border has a charm like no other. However, you can experiment with the border and the external design of the award all you want. Make it as colourful and vibrant as you want. That will just add to its beauty and charm.
  • The language used must be error free and perfect. Formal and professional language is usually preferred in the case of awards. In schools and other such places, simple and informal language is still acceptable. However, you must make sure that the award is free of any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

What To Do And What Not To Do With Award Templates


  • Mention the names of the recipient, institution and the award along with the date.
  • Make sure the design is classy and elegant.
  • Create a rough draft before you start
  • Edit the details of the award carefully


  • Do not add excessive design
  • Do not forget to mention and include important details
  • Do not ignore the type of event while choosing templates
  • Do not make mistakes while editing the details

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