How to Make a Cleaning Business Contract [5+ Templates to Download]

Cleaning businesses who are hired to provide their services, whether for an individual or a client, will need to make a contract which provides details on the agreements that need to be accepted. This article will teach you all that you need to know in regards to how you should go about in creating a cleaning business contract document.


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7 Steps for Creating a Cleaning Business Contract

Step 1: Name the Parties Involved

Before a contract can be established, it is important to know who will be involved in the agreements that need to be made and accepted. Once these parties have been identified, then their complete names, as well as any other important information about them, must be placed into the business contract.

Step 2: Share the Offer

This is where you will need to point out what it is that the cleaning business is willing to do for the client. Make sure to provide accurate descriptions in regards to the service details. That way, the client will know exactly what he/she may request and what counts as an additional service.

Step 3: Provide Details Concerning Compensation

It is to the cleaning business’s benefit that matters regarding compensation for the service is pointed out in the contract. Make sure that it is able to properly point out details such as how the cleaning business will charge the client, how the client is expected to pay, additional fees for late payments and so on.

Step 4: Describe the Scope of the Work

This is where the scope of the work that the client wants to be done is going to be explained in full detail. In the event that the cleaning business has been provided with a work order prior to the contract’s creation, then it can be used to iron out the information that should be placed in this section of the contract.

Step 5: Explain Matters Concerning Termination

It is important that the contract is able to discuss matters concerning contract termination. This is to ensure that the parties involved understand what it is that they must do in the event that either wish to end the agreement before the service has been completed.

Step 6: Provide Information on How Disputes Should be Solved

It is possible that both the cleaning service and the client may run into issues with one another in regards to the service to be provided. To ensure that these issues are handled in a legal and fair manner, the two must discuss how any disputes between them should be solved. Once they have come into agreement, the details regarding how they will deal with disputes must be written into the contract.

Step 7: Create Spaces for Signatures

Lastly, you will need to make sure that the contract contains spaces at the bottom where both parties can place their signatures. Having their signatures ensures that the two are obligated to provide what they are expected to in terms of whatever is written in the contract.

5+ Cleaning Business Contract Templates

1. Commercial Cleaning Business Contract

commercial cleaning contractDownload

Cleaning businesses who specialize in dealing with commercial areas will want to make a sample contract whenever they are hired for a job. With the help of this template, one can properly create such a contract and it can guarantee that those who use it will be able to share all of the information that they need to.

2. Sample Cleaning Business Contract Template

cleaning contractDownload

If you ever need to make a cleaning business contract, then this is the template for you. If you want to open it, then you can use either Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages to do so. Once you’ve open it, it’s as simple as making whatever changes you need to until it has all of the information you want it to have.

3. Cleaning Business Contract Sample

cleaning business contractDownload

Remember that a cleaning business usually does not provide its services unless it’s able to establish an official exchange with a client. With the help of this template, one can create a contract which ensures that both the client and the cleaning business enters an agreement where they both get what they want.

4. Window Cleaning Business Contract Template

window cleaning contract templateDownload

There are some businesses that specialize in cleaning certain facilities or objects. If you’re running a cleaning business that’s best at cleaning windows, then this is the template for you. With it, you can create a contract which is able to clearly point out what cleaning services your business is willing to offer and how the client should compensate for whatever is provided.

5. Office Cleaning Business Contract Template

office cleaning contract template mockupDownload

Again, there are just some cleaning businesses that specialize in providing a particular type of cleaning service better than others. With the help of this office cleaning business contract template, you can guarantee that you are able to make the document you need; one that is able to show all of the agreements that need to be accepted before any office cleaning service is provided.

6. Simple Cleaning Business Contract

sample cleaning contract template

If you are looking to make a cleaning business contract, then this is the kind of template that you are going to need. With it, you should be able to come up with a simple cleaning business contract in a way that is both quick and easy.

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