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Purchase Order Form vs. Sales Order Template

The first thing that you’re going to have to learn is what an order form or template is. What these things do is allow you to fill out or create a document that allows customers to specify the kind of goods that they would like.

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So basically, it’s what customers can use to place in details regarding the kind of products or services they want, where they would like it, the time that they would like to have it done or delivered, and much more. Lots of businesses benefit from these documents. So if you’re a business owner or a chief executive officer, then you’ll need to learn how to create and make use of order forms and templates.

The Difference between a Purchase Order and a Sales Order

A purchase order is a document that the buyer issues to the seller. Basically, it’s where the buyer places information regarding type or product, the prices of the products, the quantity and quality, and the terms of how the goods are going to be delivered. A sales order is a confirmation document that the seller prepares and sends to the customers before any goods are delivered. Both of these orders become binding when the party to whom the order is issued to accepts it. While a purchase order authorizes the sale of the products, the sales order is what is used to confirm the sale of all the goods. So basically, what you have to remember is that a purchase order is what the buyer hands over the seller as well as making sure that the order was authorized, while a sales order is what’s given to the buyer before anything is transferred as well as making sure that all of the information has been confirmed. Here are some other key differences between a purchase and sales order:

  • In the event that the purchase order is accepted, it binds both the buyer and the seller in a contract. However, when one accepts a sales order, it not only binds both parties, it’s also used to approve the sale.
  • With the help of a purchase order, the buyer has input regarding the order of the goods and services. So the buyer can know the date, the time, and the method of transportation regarding the delivery of everything that he or she needs.

How to Make a Sales Order Form with the Right Template

If you want to create a sales order template, then follow these steps to help you out:

  • The first thing that you’ll have to do is to open up Microsoft Excel 2007. Then you’ll need to click the Office button and then choose “New.”
  • Click on the “Installed Templates” link and type in “Sales Order,” “Order Form,” “Order Sheet,” or even “Sales Form” into the Search Microsoft Office Online field that’s located at the top of the window. You may then click on the right pointing arrow so that your search may begin.
  • You can then scroll through all of the templates for the one that best suits your business requirements. It doesn’t necessarily have to match exactly with the business requirements simply because you will be able to customize and change it. Once you have chosen the template that you want, you must double-click it and it will then open in a new Excel Window. You may then review the template by checking on things such as the design, and you can assess the parts that you would like to customize.
  • If you’re going to change text, then click on the first cell of the text that you would like to change. It could be something like changing the text that says “Company” or the one that says “Business Name.” All you have to do is type over the existing text with whatever you would like to replace it with such as the complete name of your company, company address, contact details, email, website, and much more.
  • If there are any unwanted text that you would like to delete, then you’ll need to highlight it and click the Delete button. If you would like, you can also highlight multiple cells at once.
  • If you’re going to brand your sales order form, then you’ll want to place a picture of your company logo on it. To do that, you will need to click on the Insert tab and then click the Picture button. Navigate your way through your files until you find the company logo that you would want to use and double-click it to add the logo to your form.
  • Once you’re done, click on the Save As option and type in a name for your template. Then you will need to click the Save as Type on the drop-down menu and choose the “Excel Template.” Then select the folder destination that you would like to put it in and click Save.
  • You may then reopen the template and place in sales data such as the name of the buyer, the purchase order number, prices, tax, sales representative’s name, and any other special order information that you would like to place in.
  • Once you have finished placing every bit of information regarding sales, you may then choose the Save As option. You must remember to give it a different filename, otherwise you will overwrite your previous template. One of the best ways to help you keep track of the files is to save the form with the date of the sale or with the initial of the sale’s representative within the file name.
  • The final step would be for you to click on the Save as Type then choose the “Excel Workbook” option if it’s not selected by default. Choose where you would like to place your newly created form and click on the Save button.

These steps may also be used to create a purchase order form where instead of finding a sales order template, you make use of a purchase order template and customize that instead. In the event that you would like to know how to create or gain information about other types of forms, then you may go through any of our available sample order forms.

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