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10 Sales Order Form Templates

When it comes to business, there are a number of different tools available that you can use to provide more options for clients. After all, thanks to modern conveniences there is less need to rely on traditional means of engaging in buying and selling. One such tool you could use is an order form, which would allow your customers to engage in business from a distance.

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Of course, if you were to take this route, then you might need aids to help you, such as sample blank orders. Like other documents, order form templates can make the task of making your forms much easier by providing you with a convenient framework around which you can base your own forms. In the case of sales order forms, this may go some way to helping you with securing your customer base.

Sample Sales Order Forms

Sales Order Request Form

Product Sales Order Form

Blank T Shirt Order Form Sample

Blank Sales Order Forms

Blank Purchase Order Template

Books Purchase Order Form Example

Student Software Sales Order Form

How to Make Sales Order Forms

Like other kinds of documents that can help you with the various operations of your business, there are some particular steps to take when writing forms like sample purchase orders so as to make them properly. These steps do need to be taken so as to be sure that your order form formats meet the right standards to make them effective for your needs.

First, start with the client’s relevant personal details.

With any official document, it is always important to start with the basic details of the relevant client. This includes client’s name, the name of company/department, contact information, address, etc. This can help ensure that the transaction can progress more smoothly, particularly if contact information and address are included. This also helps with identification so as to make delivery of goods easier.

Make sure to include the date.

This is a necessary inclusion for order forms as it allows for ease of record-keeping, as there can now be a clear date for when the order was placed. This can also make it easier for both parties to keep track of orders, as you may also include the dates of when the order was sent. This information can also serve to provide clients with an estimate of when they can expect orders to arrive.

Also be sure to include an order number.

Having a specific order number for each transaction can drastically improve your record-keeping ability, hence why it is so necessary to include this on your all sales orders. With an order number, you can easily match that number to their respective forms and transactions, which makes keeping track of orders all the more convenient. In case of any inquiries during or after the transaction, including legal ones, the number also makes it easier to find the records concerning the transaction so as to clear up any issues.

Insert a table for the details of the order.

When you get to the details of an order proper, the most convenient form to arrange all the elements of the transaction would be a table. This allows you to organize all those elements systematically so as to make them easier to follow for all the relevant parties.

Be sure to include details such as item description, quantity, price, etc.

Your table should include these categories so as to be able to specify every aspect of the transaction. For example, you can use this information to determine the total quantities of different items ordered by your clients, and multiply that number by the price to help you reach the total. This can also go some way to ensuring that no mistakes are made during the tabulation.

At the bottom of the table, be sure to include space for the subtotal and total.

When tallying the total price of all the items, it is important that you make sure that you include this information. While the subtotal may include the total of all items together, if there are additional costs, you would need to add those to the subtotal to reach the full total. These additional costs can include taxes, shipping costs, etc. You would need to take such costs into account to be sure that your tallying is done correctly.

Make sure to include billing information.

This is yet another important step of making a sales order form, as you would need this section to contain all the relevant information for receiving your payment. This can include such things as billing address, credit card/bank account information, etc. This is more important for yourself, as this is precisely meant to let your clients know exactly how they are meant to pay you.

Also, include details for shipping.

If your business includes shipping any items your client’s order, then this is a part of your order forms that you cannot neglect. Some of the items to insert here can include shipping costs, address, contact information, and so on, all of which can contribute to your sending the items exactly where they need to go.

At the end, include space for authorized signatures.

Your order forms should also include space at the end for authorized signatures so as to have a means for authority figures to verify and authorize whatever happens to be written on the form. This would be a necessary measure in general, but all the more so in case of deliveries so as to be certain that the moving of the items has been authorized properly.

Sales Order Form Samples

Blank Supply Order Request Form

Simple Order Form Template

Sales Order Entry Form

Custom Blank Order Form

Functions of Sales Order Forms

There are some functions of different documents, some of which may only be implied. You may have seen some of the relevant functions of sample order forms. These functions are different aspects of these forms, which can give you more insights into using them. After all, keeping this information in mind might well give you more ideas concerning how you use your free order forms.

Stating the intentions of the parties.

The most basic function of any sales order form is allowing users to state their intentions in full. You can see this in t-shirt order forms or in any kind of order form for that matter. This includes stating the client’s very decision to patronize a business in the first place, as well as the business’ implied decision to supply clients’ orders.

Providing a means of delimiting clients’ orders.

Considering that these order forms can include very specific information of a given transaction, it follows that this information can serve to outline the specifics of what a client wants. This includes such details as the quantities of the items a client wants or the payment method they choose. This contributes to making sales order forms so convenient for clients to use, as clients do have the ability to completely specify every aspect of any transaction they enter into.

Allowing clients to state a definite address.

As you can see in blank order forms, one of the different fields that clients can fill up is their address. Whether for personal or professional reasons, including the address makes it much easier for a business to know where to send the items ordered in the form. This may not seem like much, but it allows for more streamlined transactions as clients need only state the address once for businesses to know where to send items. That the information is written down simply makes it possible to refer to the form to be sure of where the order needs to go.

Allowing clients to act on their own, or as agents for larger entities.

The forms naturally allow clients to write their personal information down on the form. That information can be further delimited by including the name of a company if that is applicable in that particular situation. This allows sales order forms to be used for professional or personal transactions depending on the circumstances. This allows the forms to be quite flexible, as personal and professional orders would have vastly different requirements.

Providing a means of record-keeping for both parties.

Written documents inherently allow for more convenient record-keeping, as every transaction has its own written records for ease of retrieval when necessary. Were you to use order forms in Excel that would be even more applicable, as that would make it easier to arrange the elements of a transaction into something more systematic. Another element that contributes to ease of record- keeping would be the order number on a form, which serves as a unique identifier for a particular form which distinguishes it from any others.

Being usable for different businesses.

You may also have noticed by the example of different sample sales orders that there are a number of distinct businesses where it would be appropriate to use sales order forms. This can include the sale of clothes, books, equipment, etc. That these forms are able to be used for so many purposes should serve to make them more enticing for all manner of businesses.

Providing extra information for clients’ convenience.

Different sales order forms can also provide miscellaneous information so as to make them more convenient for clients. This can include billing information, clear tallying, ease of tracking, and so on. This allows such forms to be useful to clients than simply serving as a convenient means of conducting business. Aside from that, those conveniences should contribute to clients’ incentive to using them in the first place as they can prove to be useful tools on several levels.

With these insights, you should have a much better idea of how to make the most of any sales order forms you may encounter. Naturally, that goes beyond simply approaching them as a businessman as you may also be able to make better use of them even as a client.

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