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How to Write Investment Summary Templates

One sure-fire way to gain funding for any business project or idea is by looking for investors who can fund or pull together funds for the business. But, before any entrepreneur can find a good investor who is willing to back the business proposal, he/she needs to create an investment summary.

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In this article, we will talk about what investment summaries are and how to create them using investment summary templates. Examples of downloadable investment summary templates are also included in this article to help guide you when drafting your summary template.

What is an investment summary?

An investment summary is a document that contains pertinent information about an asset, corporate business idea, property, or money-making simple strategy, and how it can be funded to make more money. Businesspersons use an investment summary template as a guide to creating an investment summary. This is because a summary template provides an outline and pointers on what to include in such a document.

How to write an investment summary

As its name suggests, to write an effective investment summary, you need to include only the most relevant and straight-to-the-point pieces of information about your investment project. Listed below are the key parts that should be included in an investment summary proposal.

  • The proposed investment project. The most important part of any investment summary is, of course, information about your proposed investment project. You need to include a clear yet brief explanation of the business idea. This portion of the investment summary should be written in a compelling way that will make any potential investor want to find out more about your investment proposal. Other information that needs to be included in this section are pricing strategies, proposed locations, employee hiring strategies, etc.
  • Market research. Another important part of any investment summary template is your market research. As the business idea proponent, you should have already conducted a thorough and accurate market research study. This is because investors will ask you questions about your proposal’s potential, its competitors, how the market or niche where your project operates in looks like, etc. You need to have ready answers to these questions.
  • Financial report. After including market studies, you should also include an accurate financial report for the proposed business project. Be honest with any projections (wins and losses) and an investor will appreciate this. If you already have a business, you may also include financial reports about these projects as they will help investors in their decision-making process.
  • Business managers. Investors also like to know what your current company organizational chart structure looks like. This is because investors want to know whether your business is being run by competent people or not. Remember, an investor’s main goal is to earn money. Therefore, they can reduce the risk of loss when they know that an investment project is being managed by capable and dedicated people.
  • Exit strategy. Lastly, investors know that there is a risk in any kind of investment business plan. That is why you should include a business exit strategy for your investment proposal. This lets any investor see the chances of success in the future and know that there are ways for her to mitigate any potential loss (if it occurs). Exit strategy plans are not solely created as a backup plan for a failed investment. They can also be created as a way out for investors in case they just no longer want to continue investing after earning back their invested capital.

Sample Investment Summary Template

One-page Investment Summary Template

Investment Property Summary Template

Flip Investment Summary Template

Simple Investment Summary Template

Listed above are a few examples of investment agreement templates that any individual or professional business entity can use and customize for their own organizations. If you found this article helpful, do not hesitate to share it with others or bookmark this link for future reference.

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