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What Is an Investment Proposal?

An investment proposal is a document that proposes a goal or a project to get the support of the investors. The goal of this proposal is to woo investors to invest in your company or business. You can then have a start-up pitch deck to persuade your investors into investing.

How to Make a Presentable Investment Proposal

investment proposal template

May it be a real estate proposal, sales proposal, loan proposal, marketing proposal, start-up proposal, or business proposal, investors will not waste even a single penny on incompetent businesses or companies. In order for the angel investors to invest in your company or business, you need to have a persuasive and professional investment proposal. Hopefully, these steps of writing an investment proposal can help you:

1. Sketch Your Proposed Investment Project

This is the first part your investors will read, so as much as possible, be direct. Make sure that you can persuade them to invest in your project plan. In the introduction, give out details about how your project can earn money because businesses make money, in order to convince your potential investors. Enter the details of why your investment opportunity is beneficial for the investors so that they can't resist your offer.

2. Report on the Performance of the Company

It is essential to make your investors believe why your project is worth the capital venture. Show the proof of your company's performance, your company's financial statements and backgrounds, and your company's financial stability. For instance, you have not yet launched your company's business; you can include how you as the owner have planned the project.

3. Marketing Strategies

Include your market research; this business strategy is important. In this section, the investors will understand and comprehend how you will market your target customers and how you will rise against competitors. According to Murray Newlands, a contributor to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, that you have a greater competitive advantage when pitching to investors if you have a wider and more steady customer base your brand has. Also, include different strategies to help your investors understand how you will rule the project.

4. Investment Description

Put here the appealing things about your proposal outline. Include how much amount of money they have to invest. Don't forget to add how that amount will be used by the project to guide your investors where their money would go. What are the return investments they will get from the business? When are they able to get it?

5. Schedule of the Project

It is important for the investors to be guided about the period of the project or goal with their agreement and contract with you. This will help them to keep track of their business goals as well.

6. Exit Plan

This section will help your proposal investors to know when they can strip away their investment agreement with your company or business. Although it would not be your wish to have a business failure, however, it is important to include what your steps are if ever your business would become unsuccessful.

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