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There’s always going to be a need for janitorial services, especially in situations wherein one hosts large events. For those who are in that particular cleaning business, it’s important that their clients know exactly what they should expect should they decide be provided with janitorial services.

This means that both the client and the contractor will need to properly discuss how the service is going to be provided, all so that they can come into an agreement. And that’s why this article is going to teach you how to come up with a janitorial service contract:

Sample Janitorial Service Contract

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How to Come Up With a Janitorial Service Contract

Remember that the entire point of coming up with this type of contract is so that both the client and the contractor can come into an agreement as to what needs to be done in order to commence with providing the janitorial services. It’s important that it’s able to outline everything from what the contractor has to do for the client and the amount of payment the client will need to provide for the service. The more details the contract contains, the less loopholes there will be and the better it can protect the parties involved.

With that in mind, here are the steps that will allow you to come up with a janitorial service contract:

The Basic Information of the Parties Involved

The first step that you’re going to have to take when creating this type of contract is for you to check if it has all of the basic information that it’s going to need. This should include everything from the names of the people who are involved, the address of the establishment in which the service will be provided and that of the contractor, and the contact numbers of the party members. These will all come in very handy, each of them for their own specific reasons that we will get into it.

So first, make sure that you write down the complete names of the parties that are involved. The reason as to why you’re going to need this is specifically for identifying who belongs to what role. This should easily point out who is required to provide what for the other. It’s very useful in situations such as lawsuits where one is required to prove what it is that they’re supposed to do as agreed in the contract. Just make sure that you write down the complete name of people or businesses that are involved as well as their roles and you shouldn’t have any sort of problems.

Then you’ll need to provide the complete address of the both parties. There are two reasons as to why you’ll need this. The first being that the contractor will need the address of the client to know exactly where his or her janitorial services are going to be provided. The second is that the client may need the address of the contractor in the event that he or she cannot be contacted. So when writing down the addresses, make sure everything from the name of the street to the block number is all provided in the contract.

And lastly, you must include the contact numbers of both party members into the contract. The obvious reason as to why you would need to do this is for the sole purpose of communication. In the event that the contractor has a questions for the client or vice-versa, then they can easily do so by making use of the contact information provided in the contract. Be sure to include both phone numbers and email addresses as having more than on way of communicating is always a great thing to have.

The Scope of the Services

Once you’re done sharing the basic information, the next step is for you to provide the scope in which the contractor will provide the janitorial services. Consider this section the muscle of your contract. The more detailed it is, the better you can manage client expectations. You want your client to know exactly what type of services the contractor will be providing, as to not go against the client’s expectations.

The reason as to why it’s important to write down this information is because contractors want to avoid complications that could potentially rise due to misunderstandings. If a client believes that the contractor were supposed to do a particular service, even though the contractor does not have to, then all that needs to be done is to let the client read this particular section of the contract.

So as you’re writing down this section of the contract, be sure that it covers the following:

  • Where the work is going to be done – You want to be specific with the areas that the contractor is going to clean should the client agree to the services. In the event that the client would like to ask for additional areas to be cleaned that’s not covered by the contractor’s janitorial services, then the parties may discuss the matter so that they can come into some form of agreement.
  • The work schedule – It’s important to be able to define how long each cleaning session will be, how many times a month the service will be provided, and the time and days in which the contractor will be there to clean the establishment. In the event that holidays are excluded or included, then it’s important that it’s specified in the contract.
  • The cleaning duties – The contractor must come up with a list of all the different tasks that needs to be completed during the entirety of the service. This will tell the client exactly what’s going to be done and what the contractor does not have to do. Be sure that this section is able to clarify whether these tasks are going to be done daily, weekly, or monthly until the end of the contract.

Create the List of Supplies and How They Will be Handled

It’s important that the contract point out as to whether the client is in charge of providing the cleaning supplies, or if the contractor will be the one to provide them. In the event that it’s the contract who’s in charge of providing the supplies, then it’s important to state how and when the contractor should be notified in the event that there is a need to restock and the price for doing so.

Once that’s done, point out all of the different materials that’s going to be used during the service. The client will obviously want to learn about every material and equipment that will be utilized as it will help them tell whether they’re necessary expenses. That said, it is ideal that you come up with a list and write down all individual items that will be used during the janitorial service so that both contractor and client will be aware as to what they are..

Renewal or Termination Clauses

There’s always a chance that the client is more than willing to have the contractor continue his or her services once the contract is nearly done. Or it’s possible the the client wishes to end the service mid-progress. This is why you will need to provide a clause which will provide information in regards to how the contract can be terminated or renewed.

You need to specify the requirements that will allow the client to do either. For example, you can state that the client will need to provide a 30-day notice if he or she wishes to walk away from the service.

Be clear on what requirements will need to be met in order for the client to either renew or terminate the contract.

The Payment Details

It’s obvious that the contractor will want to be paid for the janitorial services that has been provided. So this is the section that will be providing the details of how the client will be paying the contractor for the services being rendered. It’s important that this section is able to cover the following:

  • The total amount that the client will need to pay
  • The due dates in which the client must make the payment
  • The ways in which the client may provide the payment (check, credit card, cash, etc.)
  • How the contractor will bill the client for the service (e.g, submitting it via invoice)

Make sure that you’re absolutely clear on how the client is to pay for everything and that the amount is equivalent to the type of service being provided.

In the event that you would like to learn about the other types of contracts that you can make, then all you have to do is to go through our site. It has many different articles, all of which should contain the information that should be able to help you. Just be sure that you are able to read these articles thoroughly so that you can make the most out of whatever they have to offer you.

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