79+ Best Photo Album Templates


Striking the correct balance between resourcefulness and the way a website looks can get tricky at times. Designers feel comfortable by adding top notch photo album templates which can be extremely useful as they bring forth added vibrancy and panache in the form of graphically rich content.

Modern Wedding Album Photo Gallery Template

Wedding Album Template PSD Premium Download

Baby Album Template Download

Baby Album Template Download

74 Different Layouts Wedding Album Template in Psd and Indesign

74 Psd and Indesign Wedding Template

The Modern Family Photo Album Template PSD

Family Album Template PSD Format

Wedding Album Photo Gallery Design Template

Luxury Wedding Photo Book Album Template

Wedding Album Template InDesign Format Download

Wedding Album Template InDesign Format Download

We have enlisted the best photo album templates which come in handy for the professionals and help them scale up greater summits.

Fresh Wedding Photo


This theme includes free fonts in addition to a print ready interface and colorful layouts for the designers to choose from.

Wedded Bliss 12x 12


Make room for the rekindled romance on adding this theme to the pages which also includes blog support and collage printing options.

Heartfelt Love


Scalable options are present and the customers can select the frame sizes accordingly on adding this theme along in addition to the vibrant layout.

Chic Wedding


As the name suggests, this theme is an absolute charm to work with and provides exquisite designing options alongside the image shaping perks.

Wedding Photo Album


A theme which comes along as a fully customizable option for the customers in addition to the designer codes and standard font inclusions!

Clean Style


Get rid of those frills with this exclusive theme which includes image and textual support in addition to the editable interface and featured icons.



Add a look of vibrancy to the web pages on adding this theme along, as it showcases an exclusive color palette in addition to a print ready interface.



An inspiring theme which involves a print ready interface in addition to a fully customizable layout and multiple album memories!

Free Spirits


Broaden the smiles with this exclusive template corresponding of certain delectable features like a print ready interface and an editable layout.

The Wedding Album


This theme features a full gamut with extreme responsiveness and better color selections for the designers to choose from in addition to the customizable layout.

Photo Album Vol 4


This theme helps set up a painteresque interior by amalgamating the exclusive features like vibrant colors and featured font sets with a responsive layout.

Blooming Album


A cute album which showcases multiple spreads and sizes based on the user preferences and most of them can be seamlessly modified.



This theme supports super image integration in addition to the layered Photoshop files and seamless customization for the professionals to use.

Wedding Album Photo Gallery Template


Varying spread sizes are included in addition to a responsive layout and additional font and icon support for the designers to choose from.

Wedding Album


Set up the higher standards on adding this theme to the website functioning which includes vibrant color schemes and an editable interface.

Kapture Photography


Changeable colors and multiple page viewing options are included in addition to the varying spreads and a print ready interface for the designers.

Modern Reception


This theme allows simple modifications in addition to the bundled action for image integrations alongside a 30 page layout and Photoshop compatibility.

Colorful Photo Album


This theme showcases changeable colors in addition to the print ready interface and featured icon sets for the professionals to make use of.

112 Page Wedding Book Template


Free and standard font sets are included alongside layered PSD files and clipping masks for including scalable deigns into the mix.

Eternal Reception


This theme can be seamlessly downloaded and includes sample pictures and vibrant templates for the hardcore professionals to make use of.

Creative Photographer


One can look at the dual cover concepts which are added along whereas the easily replaceable picture images can be extremely charming to work with.

Soft & Sweet


Make room for this responsive theme which showcases multiple template designs in addition to the vibrant color schemes and selective font sets.

Fashionable Photographer


A theme which supports higher resolutions and can include standard fonts and featured icon sets in addition to compatible layout.

Elegant Wedding


This theme features instant downloads and comes along with several utilitarian specs like customizable texts and fonts alongside a resizable interface.

Petit Fleur


Fresh and modern designs are included with this theme which also provides 30 sliders and spreads in addition to the scalable interface.

Travel Photo Album


This theme is extremely compatible with the varying mobile platforms and includes a fully automated design scheme into the mix.


Love Story



Square Photo Album

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