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We are living in an era where regardless of the occasion; the celebrations are gigantic in nature. A wedding is considered to be the most celebrated of all and keeping a track of the arrangements and other special moments is surely a task in itself. Be it the photographers who are assigned the job of keeping the online album updated or those with personal cameras clicking family pictures, wedding album design templates are beneficial to every single user. You can also see album cover templates.

Professional Wedding Album Design

professional wedding album design
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  • Google Docs
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • PSD
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Romantic Wedding Square Photo Album

romantic wedding square photo album

Simple Wedding Photo Album

simple wedding photo album

Wedding Album Bundle

wedding album bundle

Square Wedding Album

square wedding album

Modern Chic Wedding Album

modern chic wedding album

Minimalist Square Wedding Album

minimalist square wedding album

Elegant Wedding Photo Album Design

elegant wedding photo album for photoshop

Luxury Wedding Album

luxury wedding album

Wedding Album Template in InDesign Format

pages wedding album template indd format

Available with A4 Landscape size with bleed setting and in 16 pages, 16 Pages Wedding Album Template INDD Format has customizable and editable versions. CMYK color code and 300 dpi resolution are other common features. You may also see album templates.

Wedding Album Template in PSD

0x10 wedding album templates psd download

With 75 professional templates, 10×10 Wedding Album Cover Templates PSD Download supports 24×12 inch spread with 78 PSD organised layers. Give your creative vision a new path with this design basework.

Wedding Album Template PSD

wedding album template psd

Photobook Wedding Album Template

photobook wedding album template psd format

Featuring CMYK color mode and print ready features, Photobook Wedding Album Template PSD Format is a loved choice for the photographers. With the plenty of organised PSD layers, it leaves a lot of scope for customisation.

Creative Wedding Album

creative wedding album

Wedding Photo Album Template for Photographer

wedding photo album template for photographer download

For photographer portfolio, or personal use, Wedding Photo Album Template for Photographer Download offers clean and organized designing options with PPTX Presentation file, available in 1920×1080 resolution, 24 different slides etc. You may also see vertical album templates.

Landscape Wedding Photo Album Template

landscape wedding photo album template psd download

Landscape Wedding Photo Album Template PSD Download has CMYK and print ready versions. It has vintage design versions with A4 landscape format in 25 different spreads. It supports INDD, .IDML and PDF file formats. You may also see album templates.

Eternity Album Template of Wedding

from here to eternity album template of wedding download

To create a complete wedding album for your clients, try From Here To Eternity mini album template of Wedding Download. It has 2400 x 12 inches dimensions with 20 complete two page spreads and plenty of customisable features.

Blank Wedding Photo Album Template

blank wedding photo album template european style

Easy to adjust the layout, with plenty of editable features, multiple color and graphic options, Blank Wedding cover Photo Album Template – European Style offers A4 landscape size which is compatible with CS6, CS4.

Printable Wedding Album Photobook Template

download wedding album photobook template 12x

Download Wedding album photo book cover template 12×12 can be used to create designs in resizable dimensions like 10″x10″, 8″x8″ or 5″x5″. The smart elements help to create a quick and efficient workflow.

My Wedding Photo Album Template

my wedding photo album template photoshop psd

My Wedding Photo Album Template Photoshop PSD is featured with 18 fully layered PSD files with 180×180 mm bleed size, CMYK color mode, 300dpi, optimized printing, easy photo replacement with smart object tools. You may also see vintage wedding templates

Wedding Photo Album Horizontal Template

premium psd wedding photo album horizontal template

This is a Premium PSD Wedding Photo Album Horizontal Template. If you’re looking for an album which has the qualities of elegance, modernity and a certain romantic feel, this album mockup should be your choice without second thoughts! It consists of 22 pages, print readiness, 300 DPI, and CMYK color mode. You may also see elegant wedding album templates.

Elegant Wedding Square Photo Album Template

elegant wedding square photo album template indd download

Be it for fashion events, engagements parties, anniversaries etc., the Elegant Wedding Square Photo Album Template INDD has eady to print, 300 dpi, CMYK features with 24 page customisable templates. You may also check out here music album templates.

Wedding Impulse Album Design Template

impulse album designs download

Impulse Album Designs Download has plenty of PSD organised files which can support the Indesign versions. Ideal for professional photographers, this design basework has CMYK colour mode with editable versions. You may also see wedding music album templates.

Editable Wedding Photobook Template PSD Design

wedding photobook template psd design download

Featuring 20 pages, in 10 spreads, Wedding Photobook Template PSD Design Download has 11 psd files and is compatible with CS3 and above versions. It can be re-sized into 15X15, 10×10 dimensions without deteriorating the quality. You may also see wedding cover templates.

Premium Wedding Photo Album Template Format

premium wedding photoalbum template format download

Awesome Wedding Album Design

awesome wedding album desing online editable

Wedding Album with Rounded Frames Format

wedding album with rounded frames indd format download

Best Wedding Album Template

best wedding album template editable online

Photobook Wedding Album Template in Photoshop PSD

photobook wedding album template photoshop psd download

Colorful Wedding Album Template

wedding album

New Beginnings Wedding Album Template

new beginnings wedding album

Creative Wedding Photobook Album Design

wedding photobook

White Wedding Album Design Template

white wedding album

40 Pages Vintage Wedding Photobook Template

vintage wedding photobook

Romantic Wedding Album Design Template

wedding template

Clean Wedding Album Design Template

wedding album design templates

PSD Wedding Album Design Template

wedding album10

Standard Wedding Album Design

from here to eternity standard

Art Deco Wedding Album Design Template

wedding album

Wedding Album Indesign Template

wedding album indesign template

Bliss Wedding Album Template

wedded bliss wedding album

Elegant Floral Wedding Album Template

wedding album design templates

Professional Wedding Photo Album Template

wedding photoalbum

Best available features range from the grungy shades to the elegant layouts combined with the extended color palette. With an updated database for storing multiple photos and an exhaustive collection of pages, these templates are extremely resourceful and allow image integrations. Layered PSDs are supported in addition to the top class Photoshop illustrators. The drag and drop layout provides the needed boost and this justifies the inclusion of these innovative wedding album templates for the professionals to make use of. You may also see photo collage layout templates.

Celebrations are gigantic irrespective of the occasion that we celebrate. Like it or hate it, you definitely cannot ignore the enormosity of the celebrations. And for marriages, it is just the match that is done in heaven while the rest of all its celebrations and preparations take place very much on earth! Talking of wedding preparations, one of the fulcrum points is the wedding album which will document the special day of your life. Every one of us likes to keep it special and to do it, it is wise to get hold of somebody who is pro at wedding album design. Chose from the wedding album templates free download to design it all yourself. You can see also Wedding templates in word.

Uses Wedding Album Design Templates

The need for wedding albums has been there since photography became easily available. With the evolution of deigns and trends, the free templates for wedding albums also became an essential part. But not only for the documentation of the ceremony, the wedding albums also serve as a portfolio for the upcoming photographers. To create a stunning portfolio presentation, for creating holiday greeting cards, thank you notes or even for designing any web or blog layouts, the flush mount wedding albums or custom wedding albums are now popularly used. You can see also Elegant Wedding Templates.

Types of Wedding Album Design Templates

No matter what the type of wedding album you are choosing, the sole purpose is to keep the entire ceremony documented. Some of the most common free sample templates for wedding albums are either vintage looking or like a scrapbook. The European Style designs, luxury wedding designs, aligned album designs are all a loved choices for the wedding album templates for photographers. These are professional wedding album examples that are used for creating wedding photography album templates.

Customization of Wedding Album Design Templates

Today, there seems to be endless choices in albums and options within the album deigns. The wedding album templates for photographers have plenty of tools for customisation. To make it look complete, add a cover photo cameo for extra personalization. The unique book jackets and cover bands are also widely used to make the album look special. As there is a lot of competition in the field of wedding albums, creating, marketing, and selling credibility increases with handmade album covers which make it look more customised. Using curated colour selection portrays the aesthetic sense of the designers. You may also see wedding templates in pages.

Tips to Follow

Energy, emotion, and variety are the three things you need to look after while designing any wedding photography album template. The professional wedding albums are a combination of all these three virtues. With the correct blend of colour, text and editing, you can create custom wedding albums for your clients. The wedding albums online should also feature with positivity and should has uniqueness and flexibility in its designing. It is wise to get a wedding album sample first before getting the final print as with the quality of the print material, the quality of the images change. Although there is no hard and fast rule about the wedding album format, it is nice to stick to a certain alignment to make the album feel easy on eyes. Vibrant colours add to the mood when you are planning for an Indian wedding album design. You may also see small wedding templates.

Exc Whether you want to create a stunning portfolio presentation or want to make a unique and flexible client album, check from the various wedding album samples available online. For instance, the UK wedding album design and the US wedding album design will be different even though not strikingly. So, while the Europeans would love to keep the royal wedding style intact even in their wedding albums design, the Americans can opt for the trendy and funky deigns in their album.

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