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Examination schedules are sure to send jitters through you. However a more systematic preparation model can help you to be better prepared for them. It is imperative that you design a study schedule for yourself that is going to enable you to dedicate an equal attention to all the subjects. You can also see school schedule template.

The study schedule templates are formats that can be used by any student for the purpose of creation of such study schedules. You can download Schedule templates easily from the internet and can get started with your preparations. All the best!

Printable College Schedule Template


Sample Teacher Schedule Template


Daily Schedule Template to Print


Blank Schedule Template in Excel Format


Easy to Edit Monthly Schedule Template


Weekly Schedule Template in Word


Weekly Study Schedule Template


Free Download

Student Study Schedule Template


Free Download

Sample Study Schedule Template


Free Download

Monthly Study Schedule Template


Free Download

Daily Study Schedule Template


Free Download

Weekly Study Schedule Template PDF Format Download | The format of these templates is just right for the students to create study time table for themselves. The format layout of these templates are very neat, simple and to the point. On the horizontal line of the table signifies the time periods. Each of the grids on the horizontal line can mention a time span of 1hour approximate. It can be 45 minutes or 1.5 hours as well. The vertical line can mention the days of the week. Inside the grid boxes the student can mention the subjects to be prepared.

Study Schedule Template Download in Word Doc

In case you like to plan early and for long term purpose then these are the template designs for you. Easily accessible and can be downloaded with speed, the designs of these templates are perfect for the job of study tables for an entire month. The templates are highly editable and they have superb responsive features. Navigating through them is also very easy. These templates are print ready with a great resolution range.

Blank Study Schedule Template Free Download Word Format

Printable Weekly Schedule Template PDF Format

Weekly Study Schedule Template Printable

Daily Routine Study Schedule Template Download

Simple, neat and tidy, these templates can be used by students of any standard. Just as they are going to be apt for the use of the lower classes, they can also be employed to design the study format of the students of higher classes. College and university students can also find these templates to be highly useful. They are provided with great responsive features and can be edited with ease and speed.

Download Blank Weekly Study Schedule Planner PDF Download

> What is a Study Schedule template?

Study schedule templates are designs that can be used for the purpose of making study tables and schedules which can be used for the purpose of preparing subjects. These templates can be sued by the students for making their time tables of preparation and also but the schools and the college authorities to prepare the class time table for the students to follow.

How Do You Create a Study Schedule Template?

Following are the steps that can be followed for the purpose of creating study schedule template:

The maker has to be clear on the duration for which the table is pertinent. The grid patterns are to be large and clear. The grid or the table must clearly indicate at the time span to be given to each of the subject. It has to be well planed and all the subjects must be evenly spaced out.


The biggest benefit of these templates is that they reduce the work of the students who can just download these patterns and can start with their preparation planning. The preparation for examination is done on time and also in a well tracked system so that nothing is missed out and left for the last minute preparation.

Planning is the first step to preparation and these study schedule templates are only going to help you in the process. These are going to help you to be more organized.

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