9+ Easter Coloring Pages


Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Many celebrate it in their respective churches, and a lot of people host and organize parties as well. These parties involve eggs in different activities as eggs symbolize new life as when cracked open, it is empty like the tomb where Christ has risen.

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You can use Easter coloring pages in a lot of ways and incorporate them in activities that you want the kids to enjoy during this time of the year. If you want to have a lot of coloring pages that your children and their friends may choose from, you can download the Easter coloring pages from this article. All the characters, icons, and subjects that we have used are child friendly and are themed on the event being celebrated.

Easter Egg Coloring Page

easter egg coloring pageDownload

Easter Basket Coloring Page

easter basket coloring pageDownload

Easter Bunny Coloring Page

easter bunny coloring pageDownload

Easter Egg Coloring Page for Adult

easter coloring page for adultsDownload

Free Easter Coloring Page

free easter coloring pageDownload

Eggs on Easter

One of the most common symbols that you can find in any Easter material, document, and activity is the egg. This is the reason why we also used a lot of variations of egg designs in our coloring pages so that the essence of Easter can truly be felt by the children who are coloring it.

A few egg designs that you may find in our coloring pages are as follows:

  • Individual eggs that are designed with different shapes and lines are truly interesting. Kids can base the color that they will put depending on the shapes that have been created inside the egg. There are many ways that coloring can be applied and it all varies on the creativity of the kid.
  • There are also eggs that are placed in a basket. During Easter celebrations, it is usual for kids to be given baskets so they can put their collected eggs in there. Egg hunting is very popular during Easter, and kids truly enjoy it. So why not use it as a subject for their coloring material.
  • A collection of eggs are also put together so they can provide different designs that can excite kids to color them. If there are a lot of kids in the party, you can actually print the designs to a bigger medium and let them color as a group.

Easter Angel Coloring Page

easter angel coloring pageDownload

Easter Chick Coloring Page

easter chick coloring pageDownload

Disney Easter Coloring Page

disney easter coloring pageDownload

Easter Flowers Coloring Page

easter flower coloring pageDownload

The Easter Bunny

Aside from eggs, the Easter bunny is also a familiar character during Easter. It is said to be based on the egg-laying hare that the Germans brought with them in America called the Osterhase. This folklore has been passed from generation to generation which is why kids have been excited to see Easter bunnies during this celebration.

An Easter bunny may be represented as follows:

  • It can be a hare that are collecting eggs as well so that the kids can relate the character to what they are doing.
  • It can also be just a cute bunny with an Easter greeting.
  • It can be the normal rabbits that we know of that eats carrots and other vegetables.

Other Easter Icons and Characters

A few of the other subjects used during Easter and are available in our coloring pages are as follows:

  • Angels are very popular as they add up to the essence of the celebration of Easter.
  • Butterflies and flowers are also usually used because Easter is also related to greenery and spring.
  • A chick may also be used as an additional design character together with a hatched Easter egg.

The use of our coloring pages depend on the activity that you want the kids in the Easter party to do. No matter how you will use it, because of the characters and the designs of the coloring pages, the kids will enjoy for sure.

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