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9+ Face Coloring Pages

With the amount of stress most of us are facing every single day, it is important to unwind and relax every once in a while. There are a number of stress relievers one could do in order to relax. One of them is through coloring on Printable Coloring Pages.

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Coloring is an activity commonly associated with kids. As we age, the crayons are slowly getting replaced with pencils and then with pens. Studies however have found that coloring actually has a destressing effect on adults. This is clearly evident from the adult coloring books that you see everywhere. Faces are often easy to color as they don’t require too many colors and there is little detail.

Smiley Face Coloring Page


Lion Face Coloring Page


Clown Face Coloring Page


Benefits of Coloring

Whether you are a child just having fun with your crayons and colored pencils or an adult trying to relax, coloring offers a lot of benefits. Aside from the recreational benefits of applying and seeing as much colors as you can, the colors you see affect more than just the eyes. These benefits might convince you to pick up those crayons again and start working on that old coloring book you have stored in the box with your old toys.

  • Coloring induces your brain into a meditative state. When coloring, our brain relaxes because it focuses on the task at hand instead of all the worries we might have. This focus makes the brain enter a meditative state where we are able to relax.
  • It has intellectual benefits on our brain. As stated, we focus on a single task. This concentration can actually help in our problem-solving skills. Just think of Coloring Pages For Girls and how much effort they put into thinking what color blends well with another.
  • It helps improve sleep. You may be tempted to pick up your phone before going to sleep but the harsh lighting actually reduces melatonin, the sleep hormone. Coloring could be a good alternative as a post-bedtime activity.

Cookie Monster Face Coloring Page


Funny Face Coloring Page


Girl Face Coloring Page


Angry Face Coloring Page


Hello Kitty Face Coloring Page


Coloring Tips

You may be coloring on your computer or you may be coloring using an actual coloring book. There are also other coloring pages online that you can print. No matter what the medium you will be coloring in, here are some useful tips so that you get great results and the finished product looks good.

  • Add your own drawing. Just because you are using a coloring book or on a coloring page doesn’t have to mean you’re only allowed to color. You can draw on them as well. Aside from what you see on the page, you can draw your own patterns to make it more visually appealing.
  • Limit your color scheme. A page that is an explosion of color may be too overwhelming for some. You can pick a color scheme and then stick to shades of that color. This helps create a much more uniform and cohesive final product.
  • Don’t stress about it. That’s the whole point of it—to relieve stress. And so it doesn’t make sense to worry about whether you are doing it wrong. Do not be pressured to always get amazing results. Just have fun.

Coloring is a fun, stress-relieving activity. You can get Spiderman Colouring Pages and have fun coloring it. Faces, especially, are one of the easiest to color and so go grab those crayons and start coloring.

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