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7+ Beautiful Mermaid Coloring Pages

A mermaid is mythical creature said to be living in the seas and is usually characterized as an individual with a female human upper body and a fish tail as its lower body part. Mermaids have been known worldwide with different countries having different interpretations of how they look like.

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On the other hand, mermaids are loved by many because of the different characters that have been invented to depict how they are living. One that most people love is when a plot provides a story line that a mermaid has been in love with a human which shows that they also have emotions and is capable of loving.

Because of their beauty and other worldly characteristics, mermaid are usually used as subjects for the arts. We have Free Printable Coloring Pages that includes mermaids and other coloring subjects that you may be interested to work on.

Realistic Mermaid Coloring Page


Cute Mermaid Coloring Page


Mermaid Dora Coloring Page


Mermaid Coloring Page for Adults

What We Offer

Though mermaids are usually drawn either half naked or with minimal upper body clothing, we assure you that our mermaid-themed coloring pages are all applicable for your children. We have included animated mermaids and other types of art that are appealing to your kids and at the same time are very user friendly for any age bracket.

You may use our mermaid coloring pages for the following purposes:

  • If your kid has invited a few girl playmates at home, you can actually give them this activity so that they can bond through coloring our mermaid coloring pages. It will showcase their creativity, and the end product can provide different looks of mermaids that they can talk about.
  • You can use our coloring pages as a reference when you are telling stories about mermaids to your children during their bedtime.
  • Our mermaid coloring pages can also be used by adults to release stress through coloring.
  • The design of our mermaid coloring pages are good enough to pass as additional interior displays. Just print them out, color them, and put them on a frame and they can already serve as accents to your space.

Aside from our mermaid coloring pages, you may also download from our collection of Animal Colouring Pages from our website.

Disney Little Mermaid Coloring Page


Little Mermaid Coloring Page


Free Printable Mermaid Coloring Page


Ariel Mermaid Coloring Page


A mermaid is a great subject as a coloring material because of the following reasons:

  • There are a lot of stories that are associated to the mythical creature. Hence, coloring them will never be boring as you can share what you know about them as you are doing the activity.
  • They are really beautiful, and they look interesting, especially because of their physical attributes and characteristics. Kids will enjoy coloring both a human and a fish at the same time.
  • Mermaids live in the sea so your children can actually create a backdrop when coloring our pages. They can put corals and other sea creatures as an additional design to their artwork.
  • There are variations of how mermaids look like so it will never be the same mermaid that your kids are to color. Other human characters may also be transformed to a mermaid just by changing their lower body into a fish’s tail.

Will all of these reasons, we highly suggest you to download our mermaid coloring pages and support the creative growth of your children as they also enjoy doing the activity with you or their friends.

We have other Coloring Pages For Kids that you may be interested to look at.

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