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9+ Mothers Day Coloring Pages

Mothers are the heart of the household. They cook our food, clean up the house, and most mothers just go out of their way to care for their children. Who knows of the birth pains they have to go through to bring us into the world. It’s only proper that we appreciate them and reward them once in a while.

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Our Mother’s Day abstract coloring pages can also be used as a coloring activity for toddlers and preschool children. They are easy to color and each design comes with a heartwarming Mother’s Day greeting. We also have amusing characters in or Mother’s Day coloring pages like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, a rabbit, and a boy giving out a Mother’s Day gift.

Happy Mother’s Day Coloring Page


Mother’s Day Card Coloring Page


Mother’s Day Flowers Coloring Page


Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Page


Mother’s Day Coloring Page for Kids


If you want to bring cheer to your mother’s face this Mother’s Day, why not try giving out Mother’s Day coloring pages to your younger siblings so they can share this to your mom later? It’ll bring a smile to your mom’s face when she sees that your younger siblings each have a gift for her. We also have other coloring pages for adults you can check out if you’re dealing with older people.

How Can You Benefit from Coloring?

Coloring offers both intellectual and emotional benefits. It is even used as a therapy for both children and adults suffering from stress and psychological disorders.

Coloring for children can improve:

  • Eye coordination. Holding crayons and coloring in the gaps will help children develop their hand-eye coordination.
  • Confidence. Kids have a sense of accomplishment when they successfully finish coloring a page.
  • Motor skills. Coloring lets children practice the muscle movement of their fingers, hands, and wrist, which can later be developed into typing skills and lifting or using other objects.
  • Mental structure. Coloring let’s children prepare for school better. It helps them establish a hierarchy of what to color first and how to complete the task.
  • Handwriting. Getting used to holding crayons and doing different strokes lets children enhance their handwriting.


Mother’s Day Bouquet Coloring Page


Cute Mother’s Day Coloring Page


Mother’s Day Coloring Page for Adults


Handdrawn Mother’s Day Coloring Page


  • Color awareness and discernment/ It lets your children distinguish different color tones and awareness on the primary colors.
  • Creativity. Coloring with our preschool coloring pages opens up the imagination for children, and using different shades of color can make them experiment more on the activity.
  • Self-expression. Whether children color diagonally or in criss-cross direction, coloring is their way of self-expression.
  • Relaxation. It keeps kids from being mentally stressed out because coloring helps wipe out confusion unpleasant emotions.

Coloring for adults helps in

  • Fighting stress and anxiety issues. Anxiety is a common problem among adults, and coloring daily can help cam down an adult’s mental state and promote rest and relaxation.
  • Cherishing childhood days. Coloring casts out negative and stressful events in an adult’s life by diverting them to their childhood memories where everything was much simpler.
  • Balancing the right and left brain. Coloring can balance out the left and right brain through choice of color, application of color on paper, and accomplishing the task itself.
  • Raising focus and determination. Coloring can help adults focus on a topic and be determined enough to finish a task when coloring is made a daily habit.

Coloring is indeed a precious activity to both kids and adults with all the benefits it offers. Our Mother’s Day coloring pages will be a perfect avenue for your siblings or preschoolers to learn and appreciate quality time with their moms as well.

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